Sunny Leone’s Navratri Condom Ad Is A Huge Controversy Now

Navratri Condom Ad


India is a secular country. Although the law is not focused on any religion but the people respect all the faiths and worship subjects. Moreover, if you are approaching against a religion, you are approaching against the faith of the people who follow that religion. However, there are many who do not understand the value of faith. To conclude, they create controversies. According to a lot of people, Sunny Leone is the one who generated controversy this time with Navratri Condom ad for Manforce.


Displeasure For Hindus

Admittedly, Sunny Leone is one of the boldest actresses of this era. Time after time she has proved that her sex appeal is beyond limits. But this time she did something weird. And, for that weird thing, the Hindus are showing their displeasure.


Navratri And Condom Ad

sunny leone

New hoardings were placed in Gujarat. And, these hoardings highlight Sunny Leone promoting condoms and eventually greets “Navratri”. We all know “Navratri” is one of the holiest religious festivities. Hence, it is certain that this weird stuff will bring a lot of criticism to Sunny Leone.


“Play But With Love”


The message on the hoardings reads “Aa Navratri a ramo, parantu premthi” which means “play but with love, this Navratri”. Some mentioned that she doesn’t know anything about Navratri and this thing is utterly disrespectful.


Protest Starts

Navratri Condom Ad

There is a protest going on against this. Moreover, Narendra Chaudhary, businessman and president of Hindu Yuva Vahini said to The Times Of India, “This cannot be tolerated and our protests will get stronger if these hoardings are not removed immediately. Protests are necessary to deter others from trying something similar again in future”. Moreover, a letter is signed by National Secretary General of CAIT Praveen Khandelwal, which accuses Sunny Leone of being irresponsible.


Twitterati Responded


The advertisement got a huge response and almost all the response was negative. Some people didn’t fail to toss the flavor of sarcasm over the controversy.

Do you think, this is against Hinduism or is it just a hypocrisy about sex? Share your thoughts. If you want to few lesser known facts about Sunny Leone, you can check them here.


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