Interesting Facts About Bhutan Which Makes You Fall In Love

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9. Only Vegetarian Cuisine


Vegetarian food is available here as most of the Bhutanese people are Buddhists. The main and basic dish is rice. Ordinary rice doesn’t grow at such altitudes, so people grow red rice, which is rather hard and has a peculiar taste. Bhutanese people love drinking tea. They drink black and green tea with salt, pepper, and a spoonful of butter.


10. Only Natural Products


Bhutan doesn’t import or use any chemical products. Everything they use is cultivated inside the country and is totally natural.


11. Must Not Marry A Foreigner


It is prohibited to marry a foreigner in Bhutan. The King does everything he can to preserve their uniqueness and isolation from the rest of the world.

Apart from chanting mantras in wedding ritual, there is also a Changphoed ritual, which is the offering of locally grown brew to the deities. After the offering, the remaining brew is served and shared by the bride and groom. Only after all the necessary rituals are performed, the couple becomes a family.

The beauty is that a man comes to a woman’s home only when he earns enough money and they can move to another house.


12. Gingerbread Houses


Apart from the traditional house, they have 3 story buildings. And they decorate their houses by drawing birds, animals, and making different patterns on the walls.

In the ground floor, they keep animals, the second floor is used as the living space, and the third floor is used to store hay.

Despite all the bans and strict rules, Bhutanese people are very friendly and happy.


13. No Traffic Lights


In the capital of Bhutan, you won’t see traffic lights at all. But it’s not a problem for people as all road signs are drawn by hand.


14. The Tradition Of Inheritance


Bhutanese people respect and honor women. All property and belongings like their homes, cattle, and land go to the eldest daughter, not to the son.

Any kind of implementation is possible in kIng’s rule. And Bhutan people are very lucky to have such a good king.

In Democracy, people are the kings and so the system has become upside down in India. Some people throw dirt on roads, some turn public roads as toilets, some evade tax and expect government to give everything for free, they can earn money illegally but the PM or CM must rule very properly, they can do any heinous crime and come out without any punishment; well the list goes on in democratic countries. Yes, the beauty of a secular country is that they can convert to other religion and start blaming their birth religion.

Well, which country are you planning to visit in this summer? If you have been to Bhutan, what was your experience? Share us in the comments. If you are planning for a trip, then check out these stunning countries which are often ignored.

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