This Shameless Class 8 Student Asked Teacher For Candle Light Dinner And ……

Student assaults school teacher via

The Internet has become a necessity and a boon. But it also has been affecting children in a negative way these days. It is a story of how a student took disadvantage of the social media and threatened his school teacher online.

A student of Class VII went online and posted a threat message of raping his teacher and her daughter. This happened in a very famous school of Gurugram. The daughter of the teacher and the boy are in the same class.

While in another incident, a student of class VIII wrote a mail to his teacher. And asked her to go out with him on a candlelight dinner date, ending up in s*x.

Teacher asked for candlelight dinner

Last week both the incidents took place. The teacher has returned to school. Although her daughter is too afraid to attend the school. The name of the school has not been disclosed in order to protect the identity of teachers and students. The school wrote a report in which they said, “This is an case involving a lower class school student who indulged in an offensive as well as a big objectionable internet prank against a teacher.


“The school has a zero-tolerance policy towards such acts.” However, Shakuntala Dhull, the child welfare committee chairperson, has taken the suo motu cognizance of both the incidents.

School teacher threatened online

“A notice is to be sent to the school and children, she said. Hence they will be asked about the entire incident. Including the teachers and kids, counseling sessions will be taken by the school authorities, .”  TOI has talked to many school principals. Most of them said that it is not the only incident; rather it is a frustration which is increasing among the students. Hence parents should play an active role with their child at home.

“ We don’t know what they are watching or the sites they are visiting.” Ankita Makkar, a principal of HDFC School, said.

Student assaults school teacher

Others Said:

Arti Chopra, principal of Amity International School said, “The child must have been uncomfortable, secluded at home, and not able to talk to anyone. These are the result of students who are weak inside.”

Class 8 student threatened school teacher

Teachers should move beyond books and try to know what is going on in the mind of the child.” Counselling psychologist of Prarambh, Radhika Radhakrishnan, said, “We need to control what the kids are watching, keep a tab on their internet activity. Parents should see.”

The way kids are taking disadvantages of the internet these days, parents have to keep a check on them more accurately. This will not only harm the society but also them individually. Read this article next, Salman Khan’s Photo In The Marksheet Of Agra University Student.