Strongest Earthquake In 25 Years Strikes Taiwan; Triggering Tsunami Warnings

Earthquake in Taiwanvia

A devastating earthquake occurred off the east coast of Taiwan. It is in the early hours of Wednesday morning, leaving a trail of destruction. Tsunami warnings were instantly issued for neighboring states owing to the danger level. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake registered the highest seismic intensity in Taiwan within the past 25 years. The earthquake struck at 7:58 am in the morning. Immediate and devastating impacts were felt, especially in Hualien, the eastern coast town where buildings were severely damaged.


Taiwan Tsunami Alert

Earthquake In Taiwan

Along with the earthquake that struck Taiwan, authorities have issued a tsunami warning and asked residents living in the coastal area to stay alert. The emergency message highlighted the urgent caution and prompted precautionary measures for potentially affected areas. At first, Taiwan’s seismic monitoring agency reported the quake’s magnitude as 7.2, which was, however, corrected by the US Geological Survey, raising it to 7.5. Despite slight differences in wave height assessment, the risk of damaging tsunami waves had largely passed, with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center updating its alert from Hawaii.


Japan’s Preparedness Measures

Japan, which is not a stranger to seismic activities, tactfully took precautionary measures along the coasts. The Japan Meteorological Agency called for evacuation in Okinawa’s coastal regions. Tsunami waves of up to 3 meters were foreseen off Japan’s shore, and people were warned about the imminent danger. All flights are suspended at Naha Airport, Okinawa, as a preventive measure. Subsequent to the identification of a shallow earthquake registering a preliminary magnitude of 7.5 in close proximity to Taiwan, a 30 cm tsunami wave was observed arriving at Yonaguni Island at 9:18 am.


Seismic Vulnerabilities Of Japan And Taiwan

Taiwan Earthquake

Through the series of natural disasters, it can be observed that Japan and Taiwan are exposed to seismic peril. The country of Japan, with its high seismic activity, experiences about one-fifth of all earthquakes at magnitude 6 or higher on the planet. The 2011 earthquake and Fukushima nuclear incident form a part of the collective memory of previous disasters. This highlights the fact that Japan is one of the most disaster-prone countries.

Ultimately, these quakes are a tragic reminder that the risk is always there. Proved preparedness and continuous attention should be the basis for reducing the impact of the upcoming natural disasters.

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