Kerala Residents Killed 30 Stray Dogs A Day After 90 Year Old Man’s Death

Stray DogsStray Dogs


Residents of Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram killed 30 stray dogs after the death of 90 year old man who died due to stray dog attack.

The old man was attacked by 5 stray dogs was sitting on the verandah of his house. A day after his death, stray dogs were indeed beaten to death by residents with the help of Janaseva Shishubhavan chief Jose Maveli.


“We reached the spot by 10 am, but by then they had already done the deed. We have registered cases against Jose Maveli and a few others in this regard,” says the sub-inspector at the Varkala police station, while speaking to The News Minute.


The residents formed a human shield around Jose Maveli when the police team tried to take him into custody, reiterating that they were the ones who had invited him.




The residents asserted that they would hold a protest in front of the police station with the dead dogs in tow, if Maveli was arrested. They asked the police to take them too into custody in that case.


"I came here on the request of the residents. I am innocent. I have done nothing wrong, and these people will not allow me to be arrested”, Jose Maveli was heard telling journalists


"Stray dogs are not dangerous creatures for ministers like her who travel in air-conditioned cars. It is the common man who ends up facing this threat on a daily basis," angry residents claimed.




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