What Should We Know If We Want To Stay Safe While Playing Casino Online?

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For the last six decades since the first closed networks constructed by the defense and academic institutions sprang into existence in the 1960s and the “official birth” of the internet on January 1, 1983, the global network has evolved into a whole multidimensional universe of its own.

This vast new universe is not devoid of dangers, as the numerous victims of the recently busted by police ₹4.000 crore-worth illegal betting app scams have learned the hard way.

This article will guide you through all the important things to know in order to keep safe while gambling on the internet with your hard-earned money.


The Role Of The I-Gaming Licence

SevenJackpots India

A valid license for offering real money games issued from a reputable authority is the central pivot point of everything connected with safety when gambling on the internet, and the best online casinos always make sure to display information about their license on their website in a prominent way.

India, with the exception of a few states like Goa, does not issue any gambling licenses, so if you don’t want to travel to these states but still want to play in a safe way, you should look for international i-gaming licenses from authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the government of Curaçao.

I-gaming licenses ensure that the many aspects of online gambling safety are respected as they must be by the casino platform. These safety aspects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Protection from any kind of financial fraud, scams, misuse of personal and financial details, or identity thefts;
  • Verified security of all payment gateways used by the platform;
  • Active commitment against money laundering and barring access to criminal funds and money of dubious origin;
  • Guarantee that all published games are fair and not rigged via regular certifications by independent auditors;
  • Make sure that any promotional materials, VIP and loyalty offers, etc., by the platform are fair, correct, and not misleading;
  • Availability of a full range of responsible gambling tools and resources, including the option to self-exclude or take a temporary break from the site.


Additional Ways To Check The Integrity Of An Online Casino

SevenJackpots India

SevenJackpots is one of the leading and most serious casino comparison platforms focused on catering to Indian players. Checking the i-gaming license is only the start of the online casino review process for the site’s team of industry veterans and experts.

In order to write long and thorough reviews, members of the platform’s team test all the functionalities of the casino, try the games, test the payment gateways by doing real deposits and withdrawals, contact customer support, and record their general impressions.

Such information can be very helpful and provide much more details for orienting oneself than the simple fact that a valid i-gaming license is present and the online casino is safe.

Unprofessional reviews and comments from gamer forums can also contain valuable insights on what to expect from a given casino site.

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