This Is How Starbucks Store Earns And Works In India

Starbucks Coffeevia

Nowadays everyone likes to have a cup of coffee. Coffee not only helps in improving energy level but also it helps to burn fat. There are many coffee chains in India and one of the most famous coffee chains in Starbucks.

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is an American coffee company. In India, it is a joint venture of Starbucks Corporation and Tata Group. This joint venture has brought and given us international nitro cold beverages. Starbucks in India started on October 19, 2012. Till January 2020, Starbucks has 174 stores in 11 different cities and the figures are keep on growing. The store is in shopping malls, food joints, hubs, outlets and even at airports. Starbucks does not compromise with its quality and the taste is the same everywhere across all the stores. They do not follow the pattern of the franchise business and this is one of the reasons why the originality is present in every store.


How Starbucks Business Model Works

Starbucks Coffee

According to the reports of Kotak Institutional Equities, each Starbucks store makes an average of INR93000 per day with a footfall of around 425 customers per day. The numbers and footfalls are kept on growing. They earn around 30 lakh of revenue per month. The average rent for the Starbucks store is around 6 lakh per month and the rent grows every year. The sale also jumps with 30% in the financial year of 2019. But they are also reducing the size of the store to cop up with it.

Starbucks Coffee

There is a slowdown in the worldwide economy, but they are showing the incredible growth, the growth of 27%. They also come up with the offer every year for the customers where customers can taste different flavors of coffee at just INR 150.

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