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Various Ways To Cure Erectile Dysfunction – Teamwork Is Key

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Erectile dysfunction is an everyday problem that affects millions of single men and couples. In fact, it is estimated that 40% of men over 40 years of age are affected by this problem. Yet for many reasons, often revolving around embarrassment, it is something that is left unchecked and goes on to harm, dampen, or outright end relationships. The worst thing that can be done is simply ignore it, mock it or make levity of the situation (unless of course the latter is done as part of the process of treatment!). There are many ways that couples can address, deal with, and eventually look to cure erectile dysfunction.


Acknowledge The Problem


If achieving or maintaining an erection is becoming more and more of a problem, it needs to be addressed, and this can be done by either party. After all, s*x should be enjoyable for both people. Often, the man will feel embarrassed or emasculated by erectile dysfunction or may underestimate the impact it is having on his partner’s enjoyment of s*x. Therefore, in a diplomatic, measured, and sensible way, when the problem is apparent, someone needs to address it. It could be down to something straightforward – a slightly stressful time, a few too many drinks, or a medical ailment. But discussing early on irons out many of the smaller problems that create erectile dysfunction, and a chat is often all that is needed to get s*x back on track.


Manage Expectations


Once a problem has been established, couples need to be realistic about what happens next. Sure, the conversation has been had, but that doesn’t mean that the man will suddenly be cured. There are many different forms of prescription medication used to treat erectile dysfunction but don’t expect them to work instantly. If it’s down to stress and anxiety, know it is a long road before stressors are dealt with and anxiety eliminated. And for the male, know that it may take a while for your partner to start fully enjoying s*x again. After a long period of erectile problems, getting in the mood can become a more significant task.


Address Treatment As A Couple


While erectile problems are dumped on the male’s doorstep, it can often be much more productive to go through treatment as a couple. If it is left to the man, it may leave him feeling alone or unloved. Taking on the task together says “we’re a team”, and proves right the old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved. It can also be a great way to try new things in and out of the bedroom. Medications, different s*xual positions and methods of getting ‘in the mood’ can be fun to discover as a couple, and will often mean that erectile problems become a lot quicker to deal with.


Keep The Process Ongoing

Premature Ejaculation

One big mistake that couples make is to ‘get back to the way things were’ as soon as erectile problems have started lessening. Unfortunately, this often leads back to the beginning again, and couples will forever find themselves dealing with, and getting frustrated by, the same problems. Once the root cause of ‘ED’ has been established, look to incorporate its treatment into daily life is an ongoing process. Is it down to alcohol? Try to permanently lessen or remove intake altogether. If its stress, find a way to actively de-stress on a regular basis, such as guided imagery. And do this as a couple. Part of being in a relationship is helping each other, not merely allowing the other party to deal with it themselves. Furthermore, how many of us can honestly say we have the same level of dedication if our partners are not spurring us on? Erectile problems, once identified and treated, are much simpler to cope with if two dedicated people are concentrating on the issue.

Emotional tension, fear of failure, and fear of problems with erection at the beginning of men’s s*xual life can cause premature ejaculation.

Whatever stage of addressing or fighting ‘ED’ we may be at, it’s always easier as a couple.

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