Sona Mohapatra Criticizes Vishal Dadlani After He Offers Job To CISF Constable Who Slapped Kangana Ranaut

Sona Mohapatra Vishal Dadlani Kulwinder Kaur

The recent incident of the CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur slapping Kangana Ranaut in Chandigarh raged many people. The violent hit was because the security constable supported the farmers’ protest. Many people raised their voices openly on this matter. Some of them supported Kangana Ranaut, while some of them supported Kulwinder Kaur. Amongst many, music director Vishal Dadlani showed his support towards the constable who has been suspended for her actions. Sona Mohapatra through her tweets disapproved of the artist’s stance and criticized him. Continue reading to know more about the new controversy.


Vishal Dadlani’s Stance

Vishal Dadlani

The Chandigarh incident welcomed many different opinions. One such opinionmaker of the incident is Vishal Dadlani, judge of Indian Idol, who backed the CISF Constable. Preaching ‘Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisan’, he wrote how he is willing to offer a job to the suspended constable if she chooses to accept it. Vishal through his Instagram story stated:

“I do not ever support violence, but I absolutely understand the need of this @official_cisf personnel’s anger. If any action is taken against her by the CISF, I will ensure that she has a job waiting for her should she choose to accept it. Jai Hind, Jai Jawaan,  Jai Kisaan.”


Sonal Mohapatra Criticizes Vishal Dadlani: “He Is One Rare Gem…”

Sona Mohapatra

Responding to this Sona Mohapatra created a post bashing the artist. She slammed the music director on X for his support toward the suspended constable Kulwinder Kaur. Sona mentioned Dadlani’s ties with Anu Malik, whom she alleges was a s*xual offender. She also highlighted the significance of raising a voice against injustice and the widespread toxic culture. Here’s what she states:

“Popular singer and music director Vishal Dadlani has offered a job to CISF officer Kulwinder Kaur, who showed Kangana Ranaut her place. He is one rare gem of Bollywood who never lost his spine, Huge respect. “The ‘spine’ includes sitting next to a multiple accused serial molester like Anu Malik on the judge’s seat & when colleagues like me to call him to stand up, speak up, help push back this toxic culture of reality shows – saying paisa kamaake desh se nikalna hai..such a gem I tell you.”

In 2018, Indian Idol judge and famous music composer Anu Malik was accused of s*xual harassment by Sona Mohapatra, Shweta Pandit, and two other women (whose identities remain undisclosed). Anu Malik refuted every accusation. In the meantime, Vishal Dadlani was previously spotted with Anu Malik.

Mohapatra, in her tweet, emphasized the need to make people answerable for their acts, bringing up Anu Malik. Her message highlighted the continuous efforts to confront toxic standards and people inside the entertainment industry.


“Bizarre…”: Sona Mohapatra Voices Her Views

Sona Mohapatra and Vishal Dadlani

In another post, Sona answers a user and shows her support for Kangana Ranaut. Have a look:


Others Who Criticize Vishal Dadlani’s Statement Along Sona Mohapatra

Apart from Mohapatra other influential people criticize Dadlani’s stance. One such person is the famous writer, professor, researcher, and commentator on politics, Anand Ranganathan. Here’s how he makes a comparison with the past events and criticizes Dadlani’s remarks:

He captions his post as:

“Vile mainstreaming of violence by Vishal Dadlani. How is this any different from Ajmer Chisti offering his home as a reward for beheading Nupur, or BSP MLA offering 51 crores to terrorists who killed Charlie Hebdo journalists?

But Democracy is not in danger. Tolerance is sky-high.”

What do you think about the new controversy? Do you have a stance on the same?

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