Somerville College Of Oxford University Will Have Gender-Neutral Toilets

Now Girls And Boys Will Use The Same Toilet

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The gender gap has become one of the most challenging issues of the society. Now new ideas are coming out that suppose to counter this issue. This time Oxford University has taken a strange decision which is to provide gender-neutral toilets in Somerville College Oxford.


Gender Neutral Toilets In Somerville College

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The issue was raised in the previous semester (November) but it was concluded that the gender-neutral toilets will lead to physical harassment to the student. Hence, they decided not to make gender-neutral toilets in the college.


80 Percent Of Total Students Voted For These Toilets

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However, the decision was completely flipped this time as they held a poll and more than 80 percents of the total students were in the favor of gender-neutral toilets. However, the rest of the students were against this. They had the possible threat in their mind.


No Signboards On The Toilets

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The gender-neutral toilets mean that both male and female students will use the same toilets and there will be discrimination on the basis of gender. Moreover, there would be no signboard written male or female on it.


Somerville Is Not The Only College To Have These Toilets

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Somerville is not the only college at Oxford University that will have these toilets. There are 11 other colleges in the Oxford University including Wadham College and Saint John’s College that got same toilets.

For so many of you, this may seem like a new approach to counter the gender gap but it also has its drawbacks. It is certain that the rate of physical harassment will hike after that. What do you think about this unusual approach counter gender gap? Will it work positively? Or it will increase physical harassment? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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