Ordinary People Who Made The Social Media Go Gaga Over Them!

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 Social Media has now become a platform for many rising stars. Lots of wannabe actors and models are taking it to Instagram and other social media platforms to showcase their talents and get a chance at stardom. Here are a few people knowingly or unknowingly became superstars overnight on Instagram.


1.  Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan Famous On Social Media

You can’t deny that you haven’t noticed these blue captivating eyes.  After making all girls go crazy over him, This chaiwalla also got a modeling project. Ever since his picture got viral,  Arshad has been trending in our news feeds.


2.  Pietro Boselli

Pietro Boselli Famous person on Social media

Do you want to know how to make math class interesting? Well just add a supermodel as the maths teacher and you are good to go. Before joining as a teacher Pietro Boselli had a successful modeling career and this was revealed after a student of his released his picture on social media.


 3. Zeddie Little

Zeddie Little Famous on Social media

This guy has got an entirely different story. Zeddie just went running for a marathon like any other person who’s interested in running, but unlike all other people, he got famous overnight. And why not? Just look at this handsome man, dead sure, your eyes would freeze!


4.  Irvin Randle

Irvin Randle Famous on instagram

 Okay, we’re talking about Grandpa goals here! Irvin Randle is the dream come alive for all the girls who have a fetish for middle-aged men  *wink wink*. Irvin got lucky just by posting some super cool pictures on social media. After looking at his picture, you’d agree it must not have been hard for him.


5. Lee Minwie

Lee Minwie Famous on instagram

Although this pretty face you’re looking at is actually an airport officer in Singapore. Meanwhile after catching attention for his gushing overlooks, Lee became a sensation on social media. So now you know, what exactly would you be looking for when you’re at the Airport in Singapore


6.  Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala Famous people on social media

So you know you’re too hot to handle when you’re literally deported from your country! If you think we’re talking in the air. This guy has actually got the same story, Omar was seriously deported from Saudi Arab. Because some people considered him a threat because of his good looks.


7. Priya Prakash Varrier

Priya Prakash Varrier Famous on social media

Hence she went from 100 to 1 million followers in the span of one night. After her song teaser for “Oru Adaar Love” was released she became an overnight sensation among the youths of India reaching even as far as the northern state

Well, who knew Internet could give you such a treat, Right? The latest of these internet sensations was Priya Varrier. She became a social media superstar overnight and has taken social media by a storm. Learn more about who she is right here.