Latest Sensation Priya Prakash New Video Is Out And It Is Heart Stealing

Priya Prakash Varriervia

Priya Prakash became an internet sensation quickly due to her seductive wink. In just 24 hours, she got 1 million followers on Instagram, a record which not even famous actresses can beat. How can we forget Priya Prakash, the wink girl, who had created a dhamaaka over the internet. Her Aankh Maarna had given all boys a reason to love her all the more. The video was a simple one but it was Priya’s expressions that made it viral all over. Even the boy in the video blushed seeing her smile. But that boy is not alone; even netizens are blushing over her killing looks. Some guys even want to date her this Valentine’s Day.


However, one major question that had made guys curious was, “Is Priya single or is she committed?” This 18-year-old became a “National Crush” in no time and her social media DMs and mailboxes were filled with lots of love messages. Finally, in an interview, Priya revealed that she’s actually overwhelmed on seeing the response and isn’t able to handle this much love.


Priya says,

“I’m falling short of words trying to express myself. Never expected this”.

Coming to the question of whether she’s single or not, we have an answer for you. The video has got millions of views in just 1 day; social media came up with various hilarious memes and trolls about Priya as well as single guys. While many are still not able to control themselves and are still swooning over her expressions, makers of the movie have released the official teaser.


In the same interview, Priya also revealed, “There’s no one special in my life. My studies and my dream of becoming an actor are the two focal points of my life. On Valentine’s Day, I’ll have to go to college because attendance is a problem. I’m not thinking much [about getting mobbed] — after all, I go to a girl’s college.”

priya prakash

In the teaser, Priya has once again delivered the “Baap of all expressions” and has killed every guy with her looks. Check the trailer now:

So guys, you finally have a reason to smile again; yeah, you heard it right! Priya is very much single! After her pictures and video have gone viral, she thanked everyone, check out what she said.