Social Media Platform: 9 Things You Should Never Post Online

Social Media Platform

Things You Never Post Online On Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms have become an integral part of everyone’s life. The power of social media is unparalleled. Today, people seem to post almost everything about them on social media. Be it their personal affairs, political opinions, or anything general. Many people no longer think about their security rather, they think about the number of likes and followers they might get after posting several things.

Do you know many people have gone through trouble because of what they post on social media? While it is indeed everyone’s right to put forth their opinions but not at the stake of your life. Here is a list of 9 things that you should avoid posting online. Read on.


1. Keep Your Distance From Online Political Attacks

No to Politics

Social media has become a hotspot for political debates and attacks. Sometimes it turns out to be really dirty. One central platform where certain debates mostly take place is Facebook. Once you post anything related to your political opinion that is not constructive, then it turns out to be ugly. The gate of arguments opens up. Be it with your friends, friends of friends, or even strangers you never knew your whole life.


2. Never To Mention About Illegal Substances

Illegal Substances

Talking about the use of illegal substances, be it jokingly or not, is a dangerous thing to do online. Plenty of social media users promote each other drug-using habits by making chat groups. This could turn out to be very problematic. Jokes may look true to authorities. Therefore, it is always better to steer away from such conversations.


3. Never Post Material That May Be Offensive To Others

Offensive Post

The definition of offensive today is very problematic. However, when posting stuff online, it is always better to be cautious. Posting material that may look improper to others must be a no-go for you. It is your social media account, but you are not the only person who is a part of it. No matter how privately you put up certain posts, if they have an offensive mark on them, they may reflect poorly on your social media. In conclusion, it is better to avoid posting such materials.


4. Never Write Degrading Comments Or Reviews

Social Media Platforms Degrading Comments

Reflecting your honest view and degrading someone or something with demeaning comments is a totally different thing. Often people give their views on trailers or movies without even watching them. People trash talk about movies, the actors, the production, and whatnot. And that is very hurtful. Therefore, one should never write degrading comments or reviews.


5. Avoid Doing ‘Everyday Life Ranting’ On Social Media

Rant on Social Media

Nobody really wants to keep reading about your personal life and rants every day on social media. You can always share your feelings and rants daily with your loved ones. However, doing so online, where there are several people who don’t even care, is not the apt thing to do. It gives them the power to assume and make opinions about your life when they barely know anything about it.


6. Never Share News From Unverified Sources

Fake News Unverified Source

Sharing news from unverified sources is a stupid move to do. There are plenty of channels online that promote fake news. People start believing them and sharing them on their social media platforms, which turns out to be wrong. It is always important to share what you believe in but with verified sources involved. In conclusion, do a little digging and make share your shared news from a reputable source.


7. Never Drag People Down With Your Posts

NO tagging unnecessary

There is a lot of hatred and negativity in the world. Never play your part in contributing more to it. We should always put up posts that encourage ourselves as well as others. Why put up pessimistic posts and spread pessimism when you can inspire others with positive posts? Spread positivity and happiness on social media.


8. Never Post Unflattering Pictures

Social Media Platforms Never Post Unflattering Pictures

Be it yourself or others; one should never post unflattering pictures on social media platforms. Social media is a platform for gossiping; nobody wants to attract gossip via their photos. Instead, post pictures sharing lovely stories about your life, vacation, or success.


9. Never Post Pictures Of Others Without Their Permission

Never Post Others Pictures

Posting pictures of other people in their private affairs is one of the biggest turn-offs. Therefore, it is always important to ask for permission and consent before posting pictures of others. They might find it unlikeable. Therefore, it is better to take precautions by asking first.

Social media is essential, but it could be risky as well. Anything can go viral on social media. Be it a good thing or a bad one. Therefore, you must ensure you are not putting up things online that will harm your social networking footprint. 

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