These 13 Common People Who Went Viral On Social Media Overnight

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A few common people became overnight sensations, thanks to their talent which is admired by the people. The stories of them even touched everyone’s heart. Social media is a strong platform with the unimaginable power to change one’s life. Let’s have a look at all the common people who went viral on social media overnight.


1. Kanta Prasad – Baba Ka Dhaba

Kanta Prasad, a street stall owner went viral on the internet, after a blogger shared a video of his story. In the video, Kanta Prasad and his wife were seen struggling due to lockdown. The video went viral and Delhi residents queued up outside their stall to help the couple.


2. Joshi Kaka – Recycle Bags

Dombivali’s Joshi kaka shared a similar story as Baba Ka Dhaba. A Twitter user shared a picture of Kaka selling handmade bags for a living. The bags cost around Rs 40 to Rs 80 and those bags are stitched by him. Soon the post went viral and big-hearted citizens reached Joshi Kaka to help him out.


3. Anita Gupta – Gucci Belt Rant

Son of Anita Gupta recorded a video while unboxing a Gucci belt. Anita Gupta did not care about the cost. Her initial reaction was the belt looked like a school belt. Which school do you ask? It’s none other than the infamous Delhi Public School belt.


4. Sahdev Dirdo – Bachpan Ka Pyaar

Sahdev Dirdo is a small kid from Chhattisgarh. When he was in Class V, his teacher made him sing the song Bachpan Ka Pyaar. The teacher recorded and posted the video on Instagram. Now after two years, the song went viral. The song became so popular that singers like Badshah have asked him to work with him for that remake of the song. Recently, #BaspanKaPyaar has also trended on various platforms. You will see many Instagram reels made on this song. The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh also met the young kid.

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