These 13 Common People Who Went Viral On Social Media Overnight

Common People Overnight Viral Success Social Mediavia

5. Vipin Sahu – Land Kara De

Thanks to Vipin Sahu to make paragliding more famous in India. A video that went viral on social media showed Sahu, a first-time paraglider, full of fear during the ride and is requesting his instructor to land as soon as possible. He even offered him some extra bucks to help him out. Sahu has a fear of height and to overcome it, he went for paragliding. The video is really fun to watch.


6. Ranu Mondal – Pyar Ka Nagma

Ranu Mondal’s story attracted the attention of the people on social media. She was first spotted at Ranaghat railway station in West Bengal singing Lata Mangeshkar classic Ek Pyar Ka Nagma. Thanks to the passer-by who shared the video. Ranu Mondal is now a celebrity.


7. Toddler Anushrut – A Haircut Video

Anushrut’s dad was giving him a haircut during the lockdown. Instead of chilling like a kid, Anushrut kept shouting at the top of his lungs. “aaey baapre kya kar rhe ho tum, main gussa hu, main marunga tumko, main tumhari cutting karunga, main bahot bada hu, main cutting karne nhi dunga” he is crying for help. Seeing his reaction will definitely make your day.


8. Vaibhav Vora – Mature Bag

Vaibhav Vora known as the “mature guy” after his video on “mature bag” bagged a brand deal with a clothing chain. His video went viral saying that it was a mature bag. When you can pick up things and pick up girls too with your style. Nothing beats the swag, right? Mumbai police also joined the bandwagon.

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