How Social Media Can Help Your Business Through Videos

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Social media video platforms are becoming highly popular, and the growth of TikTok in recent years is proof of that. The brand value of TikTok was $43.52 billion in 2021, and people spent a monthly time of 19.6 hours on the platform.

Other social media platforms are also getting flooded with video content as people prefer them more. Nowadays, when you open any social media platform, you are more likely to come across video content within the first ten seconds.

If you still haven’t started using videos to enhance your brand’s social media presence, you should do it now. Learn how videos on social media can help your business grow.


Hook Your Audience

Social Media Power

Videos are an amazing tool on social media platforms to attract a larger audience. Most social media users have a low attention span, and unlike text-heavy paragraphs, videos are easy to consume.

While users are mindlessly scrolling through social media platforms, only the most compelling content can trigger their interest. Therefore, use an online video editor to captivate your audience within a few seconds of them watching your videos.

The first few seconds of your videos should be able to tell your audience what they can expect. With no clear indication at the beginning, you won’t be able to prevent your audience from scrolling away.

You should know that the majority of the viewers prefer short-form content. More than 56% of the videos published nowadays are less than two minutes.

It is prudent to break your content into small parts. This way, you will be able to make your audience keep coming back for more. It will also ensure that they watch all your videos instead of watching the first few minutes of a long video.


Increase Conversion Rate

Video Making

Every brand should have clear goals for posting their videos, irrespective of which social media platform they choose. After your viewers finish watching your videos, you should expect some action from them.

CTAs in your videos will trigger that specific action from your audience. Some actions that you can expect from your viewers are as follows:

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Purchasing your products or services
  • Sharing the videos with their friends and family

Creating appealing video content for your social media platform can trigger action from your viewers. By adding CTAs, you can convert viewers into clients, thereby increasing your customer base.

You can include as many CTAs as you want in your social media videos. But if they can’t trigger action, they are not successful.


Search Optimization

While creating web content, businesses constantly focus on SEO to appear on top of search results. Social media platforms are quickly growing quite similar to search engines. Therefore, making relevant social media content is a top priority of all businesses.

Relevant social media videos are more likely to appear on top of people’s feeds. Videos can be optimized more for the search bar with attractive headlines and captions. You should also utilize the power of hashtags to optimize your content for search results.

Start searching for relevant hashtags by scouring through competitors’ content. You will also find multiple analytical tools to identify how the hashtags are performing.


Experiment With Trending Topics

Staying relevant for the audience means creating content based on trending topics. Video allows you to create campaigns from trending topics. The moment your audience resonates with your video content, you will see your videos going viral.

Several brands are creating relevant videos on trending topics to participate in social conversations. Using hashtags can further spread this content among a broader consumer demographic. You can also use videos as a medium to strike up new conversations on trending topics.


Create A Unique Brand Identity

Improve Business

Videos are an amazing tool to distinguish your brand from other similar brands in the market. Use your video editing skills to create content that portrays your brand image.

The best part about videos is that they can add a human element to your brand. For instance, you can post behind-the-scenes videos of your business to increase your brand’s transparency.

You can show videos of how sincerely your employees work and how dedicated they are to ensure that the products that reach customers are of the best quality. With a sneak peek into your process, your audience will feel more connected to your brand.


Heighten Brand Exposure

Video Content Social Media

Relevant videos can increase your brand’s exposure to a great extent. Around 60% of marketers see more clicks on video content than images. Therefore, video content generates more engagement on social media platforms.

However, you should focus on the quality of your video content to ensure that it generates more clicks. You use an online video editor with which you can add transitions, effects, free music, etc. to enhance the visual appeal of your videos

Some video editing tips to increase engagement are as follows:

  • Remove background noise from your videos as it can distract the viewers.
  • Add subtitles so that people can watch your videos on mute.
  • Use transitions to have some motion in your videos.

A well-edited video will provide fewer excuses for your audience to leave. However, don’t go overboard, as too much editing can distract your viewers.


Share News And Updates

Video Tools

You will need to share important news and updates about your business with your customers from time to time. Since social media allows you to connect with a global customer base, they are the most suitable avenue for making announcements. It can be anything from product launches to discounts.

Instead of using text-heavy paragraphs to explain the features of your new product or service, you can use attractive videos to do the same. You can also make important announcements about your brand through videos. Videos can make your news and information more impactful for your audience.


Track Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Performance

Online Presence

When you include videos within your social media marketing campaign, tracking its success becomes easier. You will be able to monitor the progress of your videos to determine whether your strategies have been effective.

More importantly, the analytical tools help you understand what doesn’t work for your business. Whether you want to run a paid or organic campaign with your videos, the analytical tools help determine future video marketing attempts on social media.

Views and shares are great metrics for analyzing the success of your social media videos. But click-throughs and whether your CTAs are delivering results are more important indicators.

Most social media platforms have some built-in analytic features. Study analytics to bring the necessary changes in your video marketing campaign on social media platforms.


Ending Note

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, posting video content on social media is beneficial for everyone. Take inspiration from other creators and use your creativity to generate video content for your brand’s social media platform.

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