Small Boy Travels 14 Kilometers By Train To Get Two Cans Of Water

He Also Covers Some Distance On Feet

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We all know water is essential for life. Although the three fourth of the earth is covered by water but only a small fraction that water is potable. Nowadays the things are getting worse in the drought-affected region of Maharashtra. The village named Mukundwadi is also one of the drought-affected villages where the life of the people have become a living hell. Due to the scarcity of water, the villagers have to travel a long way for the water. However, not only the adults but the kids also have to do this duty. A Small boy named, Siddharth Dhage is also traveling 14 km by train just for the water.


10-Year Old Boy Travels 14 Km For Two Cans Of Water

Small Boy Travels 14 Km for water

Young Siddharth is studying in second grade. At this tender age, he got surrounded by the set of responsibilities which may look shocking for us. He along with his two other friends (Ayesha and Sakshi) travel from Mukundwadi to Aurangabad city.


A Long Journey Everyday

Small Boy Travels 14 Km for water

The distance from Mukundwadi to Aurangabad is 7 kilometers and besides that, the schedules of the train make it a 5-6 hour trek for him. He covers the distance from his home to Mukundwadi railway station without any vehicles. Moreover, those two cans of water add to the struggle of his journey that he covers by his little feet.


The Struggle Seems Endless For Them

Small Boy Travels 14 Km for water

The struggle for the people living in the drought-affected area is beyond the description. The adults are busy earning money for survival while the little kids have taken the responsibility to fetch water from the distance.

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