Slowest Stumping By Mahendra Singh Dhoni In Cricketing History

Dhoni Stumping



Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The name is enough, right guys? Has won all ICC tournaments, has some fastest centuries and big innings under his belt and it's a charm to see him behind the stumps. Maybe you start envying him, because the list is pretty long. The captain cool is known to do everything in style whether it's finishing the World cup 2011 final with a six or taking the bails off after winning a match. Though he is not the captain still he has not lost his charisma, and this time it was not his batting but wicket-keeping.

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As we all know, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a boss behind the stumps. And this time too he showed who the boss is. This specific incident occurred during the second ODI between India and West Indies. And if you were too tired of Champions Trophy to watch the match, not to worry, we are here. The match was eventually, and obviously, won by the Virat Kohli brigade by a mammoth 105 runs. But guess what, MS Dhoni's stumping became more of a media buzz than the latter.

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Dhoni is actually more famous for his Helicopter shot and lightning fast stumpings. But this time it was the other way around. The scoreboard showed 173 runs, with half of the Indies Team already been retreated back to their dressing room. Needing another 137 runs, needless to say, they had to firepower. Though this was an ODI match, it seems like the West Indian Jason Holder, who was already kind of set, took it for a T-20. He took a chance against Kuldeep Yadav, and the spinner deceived him, with the ball going straight to MSDs gloves and Holder's leg out of the hold of the crease.

Holder, knowing his fate, looked one final time behind. There he saw Dhoni standing with the ball, making his fans and even the batsman wait for him to dislodge the stumps. And then finally, very slowly he dislodged the bails; the crowd and the players were wondering what just happened. The stumping was so slow that Holder could have even made it back to the crease.

But looked like Dhoni was in a mood to play cat and mouse with Holder. He teased Holder with a bait, and when Holder thought that he can make a comeback, Dhoni completed the slowest stumping in cricket history by quickly dislodging the bails off. If you see Dhoni soon with a Guinness World Record against his name, don't be surprised.

And finally, credits to Kuldeep Yadav for his well-deserved 3rd wicket, who ripped apart through the WI batting. Looks like the captain cool likes to live it at the extremes. Now, this is what we call some ultimate thug life.

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