These Three Signs Your Thermostat May Be Malfunctioning

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If your home is beginning to feel a bit stuffy, you may be wondering if your thermostat is working properly. In reality, issues with your thermostat can actually be a bit hard to diagnose. Unless you have another means of telling the temperature, it could be measuring the home’s climate incorrectly without you even knowing it. There could also be other issues causing concern, like an unresponsive thermostat or one that won’t run even when it should. In any case, these tips will help you figure out the issue and get it fixed.


1. Incorrect Temperature Readings

Thermostat Malfunctioning

One of the main signs your thermostat could be malfunctioning is an incorrect temperature reading. This problem is actually the symptom of another issue, like a malfunctioning sensor, a worn-out thermostat, an unlevel thermostat, or a poorly placed thermostat. Older thermostats especially need to be level and in a central part of the home to be accurate. If you’re sure of those things and it’s not so old that it should be worn out yet, call a professional and you’ll find it’s likely the sensor’s fault.


2. Unresponsive Controls

Thermostat Malfunctioning

If you’re attempting to change a setting on your thermostat and the thermostat continuously resets or ignores your commands completely, it’s most likely due to weak batteries. If issues continue and you have an older thermostat, you might be best off buying a new one and seeing if a replacement does the trick. Thermostats are very affordable these days, so if the issue is isolated to your thermostat itself, it’s worth a go. Of course, if replacing the thermostat doesn’t remedy the issue, it could be a problem with the HVAC system that your thermostat connects to. In that case, you’ll need to call in a professional.


3. Trouble Maintaining Airflow

An HVAC that has trouble maintaining airflow could be short cycling. This problem is bothersome and will likely require a professional to correct. The constant sound of blowers turning on and off can keep you up at night. The temperature in your home will likely be uncomfortable. Short cycling makes you too hot or too cold. Generally, this problem isn’t due to your thermostat. It’s often caused by hiccups in the system itself.

For instance, poor airflow for your air conditioning unit can cause it to turn on and off, likely due to a frozen evaporator coil. Poor airflow can be due to dust and debris around your unit, a clogged filter, and a slew of other restrictive conditions. This is where routine maintenance can help prevent issues. If you’re already experiencing the constant power cycle, it’s best to have a professional address the issue.


When In Doubt, Ask An Expert

While you should be able to do some routine maintenance on your system, fixing a big problem (like a broken sensor) is often best left to the professionals. Not only can they address whatever problems you are noticing, but they may also give you some tips and information to prevent other things from becoming future issues.

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