These Short Films Of Famous Actors Are Worth Watching As It Has Many Life Lessons

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17. Monk: Sanjay Mishra

Monk: Sanjay Mishra

With a unique trailer and an interesting story, this film is a tribute to the ‘Old Monk’. It focuses on the story of two people who share a drink for around 30 years every day without a fail.


18. Interior Cafe Night: Naseeruddin Shah

Interior Cafe Night: Naseeruddin Shah

This film revolves around a quaint coffee-shop along with how cafe owner encounters the love of his life after a span of 30 years.


19. Kathakaar: Piyush Mishra

Kathakaar: Piyush Mishra

This film revolves around the life of a man who is a very big movie buff and likes hearing and talking stories to the people. One day, he loses his own job, and that is when his life changes. The story unfolds his depressed life and shows how he manages to keep this interest of his alive always.


20. Kheer: Anupam Kher

Kheer: Anupam Kher Short film

Kheer is a short film showing two senior citizens who fight over silly matters, leaving us to think of them as older love-birds. But as the plot takes changes, we realize that the couple shown is not married.

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