German Shepherd Show Rare Affection, Check Out How He Showed Loyalty After His Master’s Death

Another example of loyalty by Dog

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It is generally said that a dog is the best friend of a man because dogs are famous for their loyalty. We have seen many examples that prove the statement right. This time a dog has shown such affection with his owner that we can only dream about. The dog showed his loyalty towards his owner even after his death. Miguel Guzman died back in 2006 but his German shepherd dog named Capitan showed his affection and he watched over his grave for the last 12 years. After brief health issues, Capitan died on 20 February this year.


The German Shepherd Was Popular In The Town

German Shepherd

Capitan was popular in the entire town for his matchless loyalty towards his master. Miguel brought the dog as a gift for his 13-year-old son back in 2005. A deep and unbreakable bond was formed between Capitan and Miguel’s family. So he ran away from the house after the death of his master and found the grave.


Ran From The House And Found The Grave of His Master

German Shepherd

Guzman’s wife told that they had no idea where the German shepherd ran. They searched him everywhere but they couldn’t find. One day they went to the grave and were shocked to see Capitan there. She further told that the dog returned to the home with them but return back to the grave after spending some time in the house.


He Would Never Leave The Grave Alone At Night

German Shepherd

Hector, the manager of the Graveyard told that Capitan would go out sometimes but he would return before 6 PM and then he would sit beside the grave.

We have never seen an animal showing this kind of affection towards his master. According to the reports, the family is seeking permission from the graveyard manager to bury the German shepherd in the same grave where his master was buried.

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