The Most Expensive Computer Systems Produced In History – #4 Is Amazing


Computer systems have always been the most important technology which led the world to connect with each other since it was first developed. Until today, the computer systems are getting better every day. Check out these amazing and the most expensive computers ever made.


1. Programma 101, 1964

Computer Programma 101, 1964

Far away from the idea of a modern computer, the Programma was a very good calculator that used to fit on the standard work desk. It was a big deal since computers were big machines which used to occupy the entire room. Original retail price happened to be approximately around $3500 that is now 18,13,083 rupees presently.


2. Luvaglio Million Dollar Laptop, 2007

Computer Luvaglio Million Dollar Laptop, 2007

Designed and originated by a UK based opulence goods maker, this laptop was 17 inch LED along with 128GB SSD space and also a Blue Ray system player. Accompanied with an inbuilt screen cleaner along with a piece of diamond replacing the power button. The prices were high due to the equipment it contained.


3. IBM Portable Computer, 1975

Computer IBM Portable Computer, 1975

This was the first “mini-computer”. The IBM Portable Computer displayed 16 lines of text over its tiny screen which was impressive at that time. Aimed for scientific researchers, the computer cost an astronomical $19,975 which is around 61,37,101 rupees presently.


4. Apple Lisa, 1983

Computer Apple Lisa, 1983

It was named after famous Steve Jobs’ daughter called the Apple Lisa. And had a 12-inch long monochromatic display. Apple Lisa is considered historically unique because it was the first ever PC which came with a mouse. And was marketed to many consumers. Apple Lisa was priced at $9,995 at that time. Now it is 16,35,875 rupees.