The Most Expensive Computer Systems Produced In History – #4 Is Amazing


5. Crememco System Three, 1979

Computer Crememco System Three, 1979

Crememco was originated by the two doctoral students who belonged to the Stanford University. They revolutionized computer equipment’s which included cameras along with graphics cards and joysticks. And a printer could also be attached to the system. It was famous in agencies like NASA and the US Air Force. Hence Crememco cost 12,495 dollars in the year 1979 which is 29,28,413 rupees at present.


6. Dell Dimension, 1999

Computer Dell Dimension, 1999

Since The prices of the computers demanded to be reasonable due to its popularity in every household. Dell Dimension was not made at a low price though. It cost around $2300 previously, which is around 2,24,082 rupees at present. Even though it was expensive, it used to be the best-reviewed model at that time.


7. 8 Pack Orion X

Computer 8 Pack Orion X

Although Master of the original performance, Orion X is a giant with specs designed to give power to all the tasks and to deliver them. Along with keeping all components at a minimum temperature. Created by famed Ian “8 Pack” Parry, it is a perfect machine for a rich multi-tasker. Hence it priced around 39,000 dollars.

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