5 Most Feared Serial Killers Of All Time – Indian Thug Has A Headcount Of 931


“A person is considered as a serial killer when he commits more that 2 or 3 people, usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification” says Wikipedia. But to some people, 2 or 3 is a very minimalistic number. The count increases up to 2 or even 3 digits.



5) Pedro Rodrigues Filho


Pedro is a Brazilian serial killer who was accused for 71 murders. His first killing was when he was 14 years old. When he was 18 years old, he already murdered 10 people. He also murdered his very own father, who was also a murderer. Later, he was given 30 years of imprisonment.

Well, the story didn’t end there, he also murdered 47 inmates of the prison… amhm… So, his prison time was gradually increased from 30 to 400 years. Eventually, he died during his prison time.



4) Pedro Alonso Lopez


This another Pedro, was a Colombian Rapist and serial killer. He killed over 300 young girls across South America and Peru as well. He used to lure the girls to a secluded area or some unoccupied building, where he sexually assault them and kill them with some brutal methods. Predominantly, strangling.

He was then arrested during a failed attempt. He confessed for over 300 kills and the police believed him only when a flash flood swept an area, exposing over 52 dead bodies of his victims.



3) Ted Bundy


Ted is an American Serial killer and a rapist during the 70s. He usually meet young women, talk to them and take them to a secluded area. He sexually assaults them and kill them; just like the Colombian rapist.

But the spine-chilling part is he kept the severed heads of his victims in his apartment as trophies (Wut?!). He was captured multiple times and he escaped the police twice. After his escape, he commited 3 further murders. In 1989, he was executed in electric chair.




2) Amardeep Sada


He’s considered as India’s youngest serial killer. When he was 8, he was arrested in Bihar, India for murdering 3 children. He murdered his 6 months old cousin, 8 months old sister and 6 months old neighbour’s daughter.

Though his family knew about the first two, they decided to keep it within themselves. But, the cops were called when he killed the neighbour’s daughter.

When the cops asked why did he killed those children, he just smiled.



 1) Thug Bherman


The word ‘thug’ popular among us now-a-days, The origin of the word is from this Indian serial killer, who lived between 1790 to 1840. He was the leader of a cult named ‘the thugee cult’. They kill people as ‘sacrifices’ for the Hindu goddess ‘Kali’. They used a handkerchief ‘Rumaal’ which has a round shaped metal in its center. They stop random travellers and merchants and they use the Rumaal to strangle the people to death.

His kill number reaches around 931. When he was captured, he confessed for 125 kills and for the rest he was just ‘around’ when they were killed. He was hanged to death in 1840.


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