Mysterious death of the Indian Ghost Hunter Gaurav Tiwari


Gaurav Tiwari, the popular paranormal investigator aka ” ghosthunter ” of India was found dead in his Bathroom, on 7 July 2016.

Mysterious death of the Indian Ghost Hunter Gaurav Tiwari

32 year old, Gaurav Tiwari was a certified paranormal and UFO investigator, also a trained pilot. He was raised by a family of “non-believers of ghosts”. After his first paranormal experience, he wanted to know more about this phenomenon. Face our fears, right? So he joined the Florida’s Paranormal society and got certified by them after 80 investigations. In 2009, he founded “Indian Paranormal Society” which was the first ‘dedicated paranormal investigation’ group in India.

Gaurav Tiwari’s father stated that  “We heard a loud thud from his room, we rushed in and found him unconscious in his bathroom. Though, we took him to the hospital immediately, doctors couldn’t save him


Few days before his death, he told his wife that A negative force was pulling him towards it, he was trying to stop it but couldn’t do so. As his wife thought that he was just depressed with work loads, she did not take this seriously.

Post-mortem reports stated that, the cause of death was diagnosed as “asphyxia”, which is a condition arises due to deprived oxygen supply, which results in suffocation and death. They found a faint, thin, mark around his neck.

But his family says that they were perfectly normal and there was no reason for him to strangle himself to death.

He has reportedly handled around 6000 ‘paranormal’ cases around the country and was known for the TV shows MTV’s Girl’s Night out, Bhoot aaya, Haunted weekends with Sunny Leone and Fear files.

Gaurav Tiwari


Was that a murder? Or suicide? Or… o.O


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