These 5 Secret Organizations That Probably Control Our World




Human history is full of secret societies that operate in shadows. If some people are to be believed, these secret societies are running the world from behind the curtain. Let us have a look at some of these organizations who don’t want to come out in open.


1. Skull And Bones


The Skull And Bone order is a senior secret society at Yale University, Connecticut. The society is informally known as ‘Bones’ and the members are known as ‘Bonesmen’. It was founded in 1832 and is still running today. The membership is strictly restricted to highly elite members. The Bonesmen meet every Thursday and Sunday in a building known as ‘The Tomb’. The members of the group include various influential and prominent personalities. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Skull and bones are the American branch of the ‘Illuminati’. The most famous conspiracy theory suggests that the CIA was formed by the members of the society and is still controlled by them.


2. Knight’s Templar


The Knight’s Templar were a military organization setup by the Roman Catholic Church around the beginning of the 12th century. The members were the most skilled and best fighters of the Christian crusades. Non-combatant members acted in support positions to assist the knights and to manage the financial infrastructure. According to the legends, the holy grail was discovered by the knights. They are supposed to have built many military fortifications all across Europe. According to conspiracy theories, the Knight’s Templar are still equally active if not more.


3. Hashshashin


The Hashshashins were a mysterious group of Muslims operating in the middle east in the 13th century. The members were a group of Shia Muslims who bonded together to form a new state. The group used guerilla warfare methods such as espionage, sabotage and political assassination against their enemies. Perhaps the Hashshashin were most famous for the way they got rid of their opponents – through highly-skilled assassinations. The group later became legendary contract killers even performing jobs for high profile individuals. In fact, the word ‘assassin’ is said to have originated from this order.


4. Rosicrucianism


Rosicrucianism is a philosophical secret society founded in late medieval Germany around the 16th century. It is symbolized by the Rosy Cross or Rose Cross. Rosicrucians opposed Roman Catholicism and its preference for dogma and instead relied on evidence and experience to form conclusions. It is believed that Sir Isaac Newton was a member of this organization.


5.The Illuminati


The Illuminati is a secretive organization formed during the age of enlightenment on May 1, 1776. Their goal was to oppose and put an end to superstitions and religious influence over public life. Naturally the Church didn’t take too kindly to the formation of a group that challenged their authority in any which way. So, in 1784, the Illuminati and other such secret groups were outlawed by Bavarian ruler Charles Theodre, on behest of the Roman Catholic Church. Even this could not perturb the Illuminati as they continued their work from behind the closed doors. It is believed that it is the Illuminati who were responsible for the French Revolution. Some believe that the Illuminati are very active to this day secretly working and managing some of the most influential governments and they seek to form a one world government based on humanist and atheist principals.


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