Say Hello To Smartest Messaging App – Allo



Unlike five decades ago, messaging is not mere texting today. Yeah, we got the ease with “Whats App,” and we got the most happening stickers ever on “Skype” and now we got “Google Allo.” The new messaging app launched by Google.

The app is, of course, a happening messenger, but also a smart one! For it suggests you the smileys and emotions according to the emotion of your chat! Isn’t that exciting to try? Not only this, if you mention the word “Food,” it will suggest you the nearby restaurants and food corners. Now, this has become perfect for a foodie like me!

Below is the brief of the new features, the messenger has come up with:

1. Shout or whisper by resizing your text!


Now, you add more meaning and emotions to your words, just by using text and without smileys. But, we are not talking about “ALL CAPS” here. You simply need to slide up to shout out your words and slide down to whisper your words.

2. Show your art passion in any photo!


Now, whether your friends want them or not, but you can always bring your creativity in any photos, by doodling on them or writing any text.

3. Say it with designed stickers!


There are designed stickers by several different artists and studios across the world. So, you always going to get some extra room to express yourself more colourfully.

4. Google assistant at your fingertips!


Now, this is incomparable, because the more you use it, the more it gets better. Ask anything from your google assistant and he is ready for you. Like the latest scores, your flight timings, movie timings etc.

5. Turn on Incognito mode!


To send your messages with end-to-end encryption, Incognito is a great way to start with. You can also control how long your chats will stay there and the option of private notifications.

With these many excitements, we just can’t wait to use the new messenger! It seems like all features are blended in one single app! Too exciting to miss a trial!


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