Sania Mirza And Shoaib Malik Divorce Is Because Of Pakistani Model Ayesha Omar? Check Out These Photos

Old Sizzling Photos Of Shoaib Malik And Ayesha Omar Are Getting Viral

Ayesha Omar Shoaib Malik Sania Mirza

The controversial news regarding the split of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik is spreading widely. While earlier, many speculated plenty of different reasons, a new one has surfaced on the internet. The latest believed reason regarding the divorce rumors is infidelity. As per the latest media reports, Shoaib Malik has alleged involvement with Pakistani model Ayesha Omar. However, both Sania and Shoaib have kept their silence regarding this revelation.

If you are curious to know everything about the involvement of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib and model Ayesha, then you are in for a treat. Read on to know the scoop.


Shoaib Malik’s Involvement With Ayesha Omar

Shoaib Malik

A report in Zee news states, “Pakistani media is abuzz with reports that the main reason behind Malik and Mirza’s troubled marriage is actress-model – Ayesha Omar.” Therefore, it is safe to say that Ayesha is indeed in the picture. Furthermore, the sizzling photos of Shoaib and Ayesha work like fuel to this fire. Back in 2021, these two collaborated for a photo shoot. Consequently, there they shared some hot intimacy for the photos. It is said that their growing proximity led to a rift in Shoaib’s marriage with Sania.

Here are the sizzling photos that have now created a lot of buzz on the internet.


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Ayesha is well-known for working in plenty of television shows. ‘Kollege Jeans’, ‘Kuch Lamhe Zindagi Kay’, ‘Meri Zaat Zara e Beneshan’, ‘Dil Ko Manana Aya Nahi’, ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai,’ are to  name a few. Meanwhile, we all know that Shoaib is a Pakistani cricketer.


Sania Mirza And Shoaib Malik Marriage Rift

Shoaib Malik Sania Mirza

The first thing that sparked the rumor of a marriage rift between Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik was Sania Mirza’s recent Instagram posts. In addition to saddening their fans, her posts also left netizens highly perplexed. Consequently, commenting on her posts, fans asked them to resolve their issues.

Sania and Shoaib have been married for over 12 years now. This celebrity couple tied their wedding knot on 12th April 2010. Today, they have a 4-year-old son named Izhaan Mirza Malik.

Regarding the confirmation of denying of the divorce rumors, none of them has made any comments yet. However, it is a matter of time before the truth unfolds to the world.

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