Samsung One UI 6.0: Check New Features, Design, Performance And More

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Samsung is preparing to release a significant Android upgrade, One UI 6.0. As is customary, the release of a substantial Android upgrade is followed by a new version of the One UI software. Typically, significant updates are initiated by Samsung with its flagship Galaxy S series devices. In this case, the One UI 6.0 update, based on Android 14, was first made available to the Galaxy S23 series via a beta program. Continue reading to know more about the newest model.


Features Of The New UI 6.0

Samsung One UI 6.0

The Samsung One UI 6.0 update is a significant software version that includes a variety of upgrades such as improved software design, wider customizing choices, improved performance, and other unique features. According to SamMobile, the following are the features, improvements, and additions that come with this update:


Quick Panel

New Button Layout: The layout of the fast panel has been updated to make it easier to access frequently used features. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls have been repositioned to the top of the screen. While visual elements such as Dark mode and Eye comfort shield have been moved to the bottom. However, A customizable section is provided in the middle houses additional quick settings buttons.

Instant Access to the Expanded Quick Panel: When Quick Settings rapid access is enabled, a single swipe from the top right corner of the screen gives users immediate access to the expanded quick panel, eliminating the need for a second swipe.

Effective Brightness Control: By swiping down from the top of the screen, users may quickly and easily adjust the brightness because the brightness control bar is now a part of the little fast panel.

Enhanced Album Art Display: If the corresponding app provides album art, the album art now fills the complete media controller within the notification panel when playing music or videos.

Improved Notification Layout: Now that each notification is on its card, it is simpler to distinguish between them.


Lock And Home Screen

Samsung One UI 6.0 Features

Repositioning the clock on the Lock Screen: Users can now move the clock on the Lock screen to suit their preferences.

Simplified Icon Labels: Icon labels for apps have been simplified to a single line for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Various app titles, like “Galaxy” and “Samsung,” have also been condensed to improve scanning.

Moreover, Custom camera widgets can now be added to the Home screen thanks to a recent update. Each device can be set up to start a particular shooting mode and store pictures for a specific album.


Typing And Keyboard

New Default Typeface: The One UI 6 upgrade adds a new default font that gives the user interface a modern and elegant appearance. Users will see this change after upgrading if they use the default font in Settings.

New Emoji Design: The update features a redesigned emoji to give messaging and social media posts a fresh, contemporary look.


Weather App

Weather Improvements: The weather widget has been improved to provide more in-depth local weather insights, including warnings for severe weather.

Users of the upgraded Weather app can now traverse the interactive weather map. To discover local weather information city’s name won’t be required anymore.


Camera And Photos

Samsung India

Camera Improvements: The camera now sports several upgrades, including exact leveling indicators for rear camera use, streamlined resolution settings, more accessible video size selections, and personalized watermarks.

Enhanced Gallery Features: Features added to the Gallery app include preserving clipped images as stickers, improving the story view, and adding a more user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Photo Editor Upgrades: Upgrades to the Photo Editor include tweaks that may be made after saving. Options for undoing and redoing changes are added. And an updated layout for more straightforward navigation and the ability to draw on personalized stickers are also provided.


Settings And Accessibility

Settings Enhancements: Enhancements to the options menu include a brighter Airplane mode. Easier access to the battery options and more significant security threat mitigation are also provided.

Accessibility: The accessibility improvements include new magnification settings, adjustable cursor thickness, and improved accessibility information.



Enhancements: New schedule views and the addition of reminders to the Calendar App are just a few of the upgrades made to the Calendar and Reminder Apps.

Modes and Routines: The update adds many new capabilities to Modes and Routines. This enables users to create customized Lock screens for various tasks, including operating a vehicle, working, and exercising.

Redesign of the Smart Suggestions Widget: The Smart Suggestions widget now offers more customization choices. It also has a layout that blends in with the other icons on the Home screen.

Improvements to Finder: Finder now offers suggestions for storage space and other information. As well as quick actions for programs immediately from search results.

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