These Are Some Of The Upcoming And Leaked Features Of Android 12

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These days everyone has smartphones. After the arrival of Android, the smartphone became a part of life. The first commercial Android device launched in 2008 and now reaches version Android 12. Every version has its new features comparing with an older version. Sometimes the appearance, styles, apps, new technologies are added in the more recent version to attract users.

Android 12 Features

Google is planning to release its next version of Android 12 to the users. Google’s next OS, Android 12, is expected to launch later this year. Surprisingly, according to XDA developer’s reports, the early draft of the document created by Google that describes the features of Android 12 has been leaked. It is welcoming news for android users. The documentation screenshot shows some features of the new android 12 versions, but there is no official announcement or information regarding Android 12 from Google. There may be a change in the final release, or this may be rumors. Here are some of the leaked and upcoming features that you can expect from Android 12.


Some Leaked Features

Androd 12 Features

Based on the screenshots in the early draft of the document, the features are given here are based on the XDA Developers report. The screenshot shows the new UI changes, including a new notifications panel, panels with clearly noticeable rounded corners, new privacy features, and a unique widget selection. The newly added widgets in Android 12, based on the screenshot, seem to contain conversation widgets such as recent messages, missed calls, activity status, and event reminders. The reports state that Google plans to make the conversation widgets mandatory for all Android 12 OS running devices. There is a new feature, “People Widget,” in Android 12, which helps get complete contact information.

From the leaked screenshots, you can see the icons on the top with the battery icon moved to the side with the cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity indicators are on the side of the battery icon with spaces in between. The new notifications panel separates the conversations from the regular app notifications; the app notifications are highlighted with faded conversation and notifications widgets in the background.

It has four quick setting tiles in a bigger size than the usual six tiles, which is the new feature based on the draft source. The placing of date and time on the top left of the notifications panel has been interchanged.  The leaked screenshot shows that the app notification has the new privacy settings on the right side. It indicates that it allows users to change the setting whether the app can access the camera, microphone, and location of the devices. By clicking the indicator, you can check the permission given or not to any particular app, and you can change it if you need.


Other Upcoming Features


Double-Tap Gesture For Pixel Phones

Pixel 5a

From the source of 9to5Google, Google is working on double-tab features to bring it in pixel phones with android. Its usage is just by double-tab to the back of your phone to accomplish any action like taking a screenshot, pausing/resuming media playback, opening the notification shade, and opening the recent app view. And this gesture can also use to invoke Google Assistant.


App Pairs

App Pairs Android 12

App Pairs is just like split-screen features in Android 11 to use two apps simultaneously. In split-screen, only one app can be kept active on the screen while the other pinning into a smaller window; it is tough to use two apps simultaneously. The information from 9to5Google that Google is bringing up new features App Pairs in Android 12 to use two apps in a single window easily by swapping between the two. App pairs will group the two apps in a single window with the divider in between, which can be adjusted to change the size of the view, and by clicking the divider, you can swap between the apps.


OS Updates Directly From Play Store

Google Playstore

With the Android 12, the Google easier the process of OS updating unlike in the previous version which is sending through the air and we need to download which makes devices to hang up. The XDA Developers report states that Google is planning to add Android Runtime (ART) as a mainline module in Android 12, which allows the latest operating system updates to push through Google Play Store.


Theming System In Android 12

Theming System In Android 12

While talking about the theme system, the Android 10 has dark and light themes to change the color of appearance. The Dark mode is prepared by most of the users to reduce strain in the eye. According to 9to5Google, Google is working to bring a native theming system with Android 12. In this, you can select a primary color and an accent color to recolor the selected apps as you wish.

The notification background color and the quick setting area can be recolored with the primary color. Another interesting fact is that your Android 12 theme colors can also be chosen automatically based on your current wallpaper.


App Hibernating In Android 12

App Hibernate Android 12

According to XDA Developers, the new version of Android 12 of Google coming with attractive features called App Hibernating. By using these features, users can hibernate unused apps to a deep-sleep state and freeing up space. The current OS has a feature to disable the app, but it will not free the space. And the report suggests that Android 12 will clear the app’s catch files and free up space.


Easy Wi-Fi Sharing In Android 12

Public WiFi

If you want to share the wifi password with peer users, it is very cumbersome to tell the password and control the connected devices that one should not connect. In another way, by scanning QR codes, you can share passwords but still require physical contact by placing a device over another to scan the QR code.

Thankfully, Google is developing a new share feature to share wifi passwords by tapping the share features quickly. So the recipient will get a password easily without any physical contact.


Scrollable Screenshot In Android 12

Screenshot Android 12

The Screenshot is necessary to capture any pages to save it and refer it for later use or in purpose to send to someone. Screenshot can be taken by pressing the power button plus the volume button in available android phones. To take a long screenshot, we need to install the app to accomplish it. According to XDA Developers, the Google Android 12 phone will come with an inbuilt scrollable screenshot feature. By tapping that feature, we can take a scrollable screenshot which may be a longer web page. This feature is not sure for but can expect according to the report.


Native Support For WireGuard VPN

WireGuard VPN Android 12

Now the situation has changed that everyone is working from remote, so it is necessary to have a secure network connection with a virtual private network or VPN. WireGuard is a next-gen VPN protocol that uses cryptography and blockchain standards for secured connections. The report says that Google adds native support for WireGuard VPN to the Linux kernels in Android 12. This android ecosystem will provide safe and secure internet connections for the users.

Indeed it is good news for the android users to know the expected features in the next version a little bit earlier. Which one feature of Android 12 that surprises you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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