From New Bank Rules To Mandatory FASTag; Check Out 12 Rules That Are Changing In The New Year 2021

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9. Changes In Mutual Fund Investment

mutual funds

The rules have changed for investing in mutual funds. Previously, there was a limit of 65% on investing in equity funds. Now, if you are investing in multi-cap funds, you can invest 75% in equity.


10. Electronic Appliances To Get Costlier

electronic appliances

This year, the price of electronic appliances like LED TV, refrigerator, washing machines will increase by around 10%. It is due to the rise in the costs of materials like aluminum, copper, and steel. Also, there is an increase in ocean and air freights charges.


11. WhatsApp Will Not Work On Selected Mobiles

Whatsapp Mistakes

WhatsApp is going to withdraw support from some platforms from January 1. It means WhatsApp will not work on selected mobiles. In the WhatsApp page, it mentions that it provides support for the devices running on Android running OS 4.0.3 and newer; iPhone running iOS 9 and newer; and even select phones running KaiOS 2.5.1 newer, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2.


12. Packaged Water To Compliance With Calcium And Magnesium Limits

Packaged Bottle

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India made calcium and magnesium compulsory in the packaged drinking water. According to FSSAI, both calcium and magnesium are good for health. FSSAI has made guidelines for food business operators (FBOs) to comply with the regulations related to the limit of 20 mg calcium and 10 mg magnesium. The deadline to implement this has been extended by six months till July 1, 2021, from January 1, 2021.

These are the rules and the things that are changing in the new year 2021. Were you aware of them? Share with your friends and family members and let them know about it.

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