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Genelia And Riteish Reveal Their Awesome Formula To A Happy Married Life




Known as the Bollywood’s cutest couple, Genelia and Riteish are now parents of two children. In an era where relationship status of people changes like the weather, it is promising to see a couple that has fought against all odds and shares a seven-year-old relation. In a sea of heartbroken Bollywood couples, this couple stands like a pro. Here, Genelia and Riteish reveal their awesome formula to a happy married life. Just take a quick look at their mantras!


Old Is Gold


Riteish shares that they still write letters to each other like they used to do in the old times. The letters still hold the essence of love and memories. He also shared that Genelia used to hide those letters from her parents.


Reinvention Is Necessary!

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The couple shares that as time changes, certain things need to be changed as well. Re-invention at proper times is really necessary to maintain the stability of a relationship.


Remember The First Time


In so many years, many things changed. They both belong to an entirely different culture and over years, marriage, children and all other shenanigans did not affect the love they shared with each other.


The Charm Of Being Together


Genelia and Riteish are sweethearts since their teenage. They have romanced with no one around them knowing, and now when it is all official, they enjoy the charm they hold. Riteish shares that it is a rarity walking beside her and not holding her hand.


A Meal Together Daily!


Genelia shares that no matter how hectic one’s schedule is, as long as we both are in the same town, we will share one meal together. This gives us time to spend and talk about the day. Waiting for each other reflects the care they embrace.


The Sweet Little Things

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Always remember that the little gestures mean a lot in a relationship. They share that when they are away from each other, they still find time to drop good night and good morning texts.

God bless this romantic couple with cuteness overloaded!

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