What Are Some Of The Most Ridiculous Tantrums Thrown By Bollywood Actors?



Performers have tantrums progressively when contrasted with on-screen characters, in any event in Bollywood, once they get to be well known.

Can't concur..? At that point simply experience this and get irritated by some of our female on-screen characters' absurd fits of rage!

Katrina Kaif


Katrina doesn't converse with the team ( flight specialists or airhostesses ) while on load up, regardless of the possibility that they're standing right alongside her. On the off chance that she needs anything she arranges her secretary or administrator, who thusly requests that the attendant get whatever she needs!

Kangana Ranaut


As indicated by a few reports, Kangana for the most part gives an intense time to the individuals who take care of her needs amid her flight. She generally goes with her partner who sits in the economy class, while Kangana in the top of the line. At whatever point it comes to eating in the plane Kangana makes the airhostess keep running forward and backward and requests that they check with her collaborator for each prerequisite of her!

Vidya Balan


Known to be a down to earth person Vidya in 2007, gave a stunner when she acted troublesome on the arrangements of “Kismet Konnection'. It was said that she loathed the garments designer Aki Narula had intended for her so much that she flung aside one of the dresses indignantly on the sets!

Kareena Kapoor Khan


Kareena who was marked Madhur Bhandarkar's “Heroine” has clearly demanded that lone A-rundown performing artists be thrown inverse her in the film. In any case, she never applies this standard when throwing performing artists, as she sees that not a solitary A-rundown female on-screen characters are thrown in every one of her movies!

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