Things You Must Know Before You Do Online Shopping

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6. Be Skeptical Of The Reviews


Not all customer reviews are genuine. Most of the reviews you see are paid reviews. So, how to spot? Check for verified purchase tag and also see how many people found that review helpful. If you find 80% negative comments and 20% positive comments, then don’t go for it. But if you find 70% positive comments and 30% negative comments, you can try that product.


7. Pay Attention When You Are Signing Up For Newsletters And Email Lists


The one problem with online shopping is, when you open some websites, you will often get a pop-up asking you to sign up for the company’s newsletter and a coupon offer.

But some websites will automatically make you signed up for email lists when you purchase something online or from a store. So, if you are sure that you are going to buy something, then make use of these coupons to save money.

One good suggestion is unsubscribing from email lists is a good option as those daily or weekly emails prompt you to check out a new product or sale which increases your desire to shop and make you buy even if you don’t need.


8. Don’t Get Into Incentives Trap


Usually, if you spend above a certain amount, Amazon and other websites will sometimes offer free shipping. Trust me that’s a marketing strategy to trick you to buy more and it works most of the time. So, don’t fall into the trap as those free shipping offers can be good deals. It will make you spend on the things you don’t need.


9. Avoid Counterfeits And Scams


Scams and counterfeits are more on online as they use well-known sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. It is difficult to spot fakes online but I am sure you can use common sense.

So, what can be done? Rather than buying from third parties, buy directly from brands’ online stores. For example, Patanjali and Gowdurbar products, instead of buying those products from third-party sites, buy those directly from their website.


10. Careful While You Shop Online As You Enter Sensitive Information


The one major disadvantage of shopping online is you need to enter your credit card number. So, be careful about the site you shop. One suggestion is, shop on only those websites that start with “https://,” rather than “http://.” That extra letter indicates that the website has an added layer of security. Also, check the little lock icon which shows up when you are on a secure website.

Shop on those sites which you are familiar with as some websites ask you for an extra identifying information. A good site will never ask for info like your Social Security Number. If a website seems fishy to you, then don’t give it your credit card information.

If you are still not sure whether to make an online purchase or not then follow Fiscal Femme’s “48-hour rule.” The rule is to wait 48 hours before hitting “Checkout.”

If you still want the item after 48 hours, then go for it. If you lose interest after 48 hours, it means you don’t need that product and you are tempted to buy at that moment.

Do you know any more tips that one needs to know while doing online shopping? Then share us in the comments. Are you looking for the best places to do online shopping for your furry friend cat? Then check out this.

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