Scratching Head To Recover Encrypted Data From Smartphone? Here You Go



Whether encrypted or not, It’s easy to recover data from your Smartphone.

Do you remember the hullabaloo created over Apple being asked by FBI to unlock terrorist iPhone 5c?

Now, no need to ask anyone.




Researchers from Purdue University have developed a new forensic tool “Retroscope” that which recovers data from Smartphone RAM.

The surprising fact that researchers found is, data can be recovered from RAM even if phone is switched off.

“Investigators are able to obtain more timely forensic information toward solving a crime or an attack,” lead researcher Dongyan Xu said.


Retroscope requires no previous information about an app’s internal data.


 “Anything that was shown on the screen at the time of use is indicated by the recovered screens, offering investigators a litany of information,” Xu said.


The findings were presented during the USENIX Security Symposium in Austin, Texas. “We feel without exaggeration that this technology really represents a new paradigm in smart phone forensics,” he said.


“It is very different from all the existing methodologies for analyzing both hard drives and volatile memories,” Xu noted.




Have a look at the video and give a try.


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