Eight Awesome Reasons Why You Should Play Guitar




We can easily give you a hundred reasons to play the guitarWant to impress a girl or to sort your mood, music is best. Let’s see eight reasons why you should play guitar.

1. Helps You Express Your Creativity

A guitar is the best tool that you can find that can help you show people just how really creative you are with crazy new ways of different chords coming together. 

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2. Helps You Impress The Love Of Your Life

Do you have a crush or a lover that you’re dying to impress? Do one thing: grab a guitar and start playing it (if you know how to, that is. Otherwise learn how to play one) and I assure you, they’ll be impressed for life. 

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3. Play Multiple Genres With A Single Instrument

With a single guitar, you can play jazz, blues, classical, rock, metal, country, pop, etc. What more could one ask for ? (apart from chocolate) wink

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4. Teaching Others

Teaching is one of the purest and most genuine professions out there. Nothing beats teaching someone and helping them develop a skill. With a guitar, you can do just that – teach them how to play it! 

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5. Annoying Your Parents

As much as our parents hate there being “noise” in the house, we love when it’s coming from us; So yes, playing your guitar and annoying them is the best feeling ever.

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6. Profession!

You could make money by being a guitarist, or look at it this way. You’ll always have a backup profession.  

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7. Express Yourself Better

Express your feelings with a guitar, be it joy, sadness, madness or excitement! 

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8. Bid Farewell To Stress!

Are you sick of your monotonous routine? Is it getting to you? Break free and pick up your guitar and play away.  

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This article also shows you why you must play any musical instrument, really. Creating music is one of the best thing ever and everyone must attempt to learn how to play an instrument atleast at some point in their lives.

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