Racist Attacks On Vinicius Jr In Spain, 7 Arrested After Racist Incident

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Racism is unjust and will always be immoral in all of its forms. The most inhumane behavior that people can do is judge and mistreat someone based on their appearance. Racism is outlawed everywhere in the globe, yet there are a few outliers that act inhumanely. These cruel creatures strive to engage in activities that depress people’s spirits and make them feel low. One such incident happened with Vinicius Jr.

Respecting and accepting the person the way they are is the solution to this torture. Don’t you think the parameters of judgment should be skills and personality rather than appearance? Unfortunately, such nasty activities take place worldwide with many people, including great artists. Here’s one such case.


‘Racist Attacks’ On Vinicius Jr In Spain

Vinicius Jr racist

Vinicius Jr is one of the most demanded footballers. Recently, the player has faced harsh racism in Spain.

Brazil on Monday denounced the “racist attacks” that Brazilian soccer star Vinicius Jr. has regularly experienced in Spain. Urged the country’s officials to prosecute those responsible, according to a statement from the foreign ministry.

Following the recent incident on Sunday, when racial epithets were flung at the Black top-scoring striker for Real Madrid, the ministry summoned Spain’s ambassador on Monday to explain the issue.

The statement claimed, “Taking into account the seriousness of the facts and the occurrence of yet another inadmissible episode, the Brazilian government deeply regrets that, until now, effective measures have not been taken to prevent and avoid the repetition of these acts of racism.”

The foreign ministry has stated that President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva requested information from Ambassador Mar Fernandez Palacios on the incident that caused him to urge FIFA and La Liga to prevent racism from spreading in football stadiums.


What Actually Happened?

Vinicius Jr

Hundreds of Valencia supporters were seen singing “Vinicius is a monkey” as the Real Madrid bus pulled up to the stadium in Valencia, according to videos shared on social media. The footage gets confirmed by Reuters.

The 22-year-old striker called out fans who had yelled racist remarks at him. This caused the game to be delayed for ten minutes. Because of his response to the situation, Real Madrid‘s second-highest scorer this season with 23 goals was dismissed.


In Support Of Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius Jr racist attack

Maria Laura da Rocha, the deputy foreign minister of Brazil, expressed her shock at the player’s continued racial harassment.

At a lecture on Brazil’s connections with African countries, she declared, “Vinicius Jr received a red card for not enduring all that. The red card should have been given to racism,”.

In support of the Real Madrid striker, Rio de Janeiro’s famous Christ the Redeemer monument had its lights turned out on Monday night.

The illumination was turned off “as a symbol of the collective fight against racism and in solidarity with the player and all those who suffer prejudice around the world,” the Archdiocesan Sanctuary, which oversees the monument, wrote on Instagram.


Vinicius Jr’s Red Card Rescinded

On Tuesday, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced that Real Madrid striker Vinicius Jr.’s red card had been overturned.

In a fight with Valencia players,  Vinicius seemed to be grabbed around the neck. The referee dismissed the Brazilian winger in stoppage time for punching an opponent.

“The RFEF Competition Committee considers that the referee’s assessment was determined by the omission of the entirety of the play that took place, which affected the refereeing decision,” the federation stated.

“The fact that the referee was deprived of a decisive part of the facts led him to adopt an arbitrary decision. And this is because it was impossible for him to properly assess what happened.”

The Spanish police earlier on Tuesday apprehended seven persons who were charged with various hate crimes against Vinicius.

The Valencia stadium’s south stand would be partially shuttered for five games. It penalized the team 45,000 euros, the RFEF declared. $49,536 amounts to 45,000 euros

The punishment, according to Valencia, is “disproportionate” and “unfair,” and it hurts the fans who weren’t participating in the “shameful incident.” The team also stated that they would challenge the stadium’s partial shutdown.

Don’t you feel angry about such incidents? Let us know!

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