Pune’s Hadapsar Railway Station To Become Maharashtra’s First Station To Provide ‘Platform Parking’

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Pune’s Hadapsar railway station has become the first one to have a platform parking facility. It is the first railway station in Maharashtra to offer platform options for pick-ups and drop facilities. There is no waiting allowed, and an efficient system is in place to manage the flow of vehicles. Isn’t it easy for the passengers to drive straight to the destined platform number, park their car, and catch the train on time? Isn’t it so easy and time-saving? No more complaints about parking your vehicle and getting late to reach the platform. Currently, there are four platforms at the Hadapsar railway station and one foot over bridge.

The idea of ‘platform parking’ comes from the Howrah railway station in Kolkata, where passengers can take their vehicles inside the railway station and onto a dedicated platform, to board or pick up some passengers.


New Development At Hadapsar Railway Station

Hadapsar Railway Station

Hadapsar railway station has got lots of new developments and passengers amenities, as the train operations are now shifting to start from Hadapsar. The development of platform parking is made passenger-friendly. A special train from Hadapsar to Hyderabad runs from here, and soon a few more trains will also start. “In this development process, a parking space just next to what is platform number one has been created where passengers park their vehicles and directly board the train from the platform,” said Renu Sharma, Pune divisional railway manager (DMR).

Vipul Alekar, a nearby resident and passenger, said, “We had to go all the way to Pune railway station to board the trains. Now if more trains start running from Hadapsar, it is beneficial for all of us”. The platform parking reduced the hassle of carrying heavy luggage and running to catch the train in time. It will also help elderly people to board the train effortlessly.


Trains From Hadapsar Station

Hadapsar Station

The daily Hadapsar to Hyderabad trains departs at 3:30, and it is stationed on Platform number 3. Another special train is also on the run from Hadapsar to Jhansi. The railway station in Pune is on the Mundhwa-Kharadi bypass road in Hadapsar and has only one approach road. The capacity of the platforms has now increased to 22-coach trains.

The next time you travel to Hadapsar and need to board a train, simply drive your car to Hadapsar railway station, take your vehicle onto the platform allocated for drop-offs, and gain easy access to the trains at the station.

Isn’t this a user-friendly development? Are you excited to know about this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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