Prathmesh Hirve Joined ISRO, Risen From The Slum Touching The Stars



Go for the moon, they say, and regardless of whether you miss, you will arrive among stars. Prathamesh Hirve’s Path has driven him to both.

Hirve is a 25-year-old engineer from Mumbai who lives in a modest 10 x 10 ft home at Filterpada ghettos in Powai. Notwithstanding, the dividers of this modest home did not confine his fantasies. He is set to end up noticeably the first Engineer in ISRO build from Mumbai.

Prathmesh Hirve

Hirve has a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Bhagubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic College.  After his temporary job at L&T and Tata Powers, he chose to seek after a degree in a similar field from Smt Indira Gandhi College of Engineering in Navi Mumbai. He was getting ready for something incredible, so awesome in actuality that his family would have never speculated!

however, Hirve’s journey did include its proportion of limitations. to start with, a profession counselor had advised him to pursue Arts instead of Engineering. although slightly disheartened, this advice did not wreck Hirve’s determination. “I was disillusioned but refused to surrender. I instructed my parents that irrespective of what, I would grow to be an engineer, and they believed in me,” Hirve said.

It is no smooth feat to have an unwavering focus on engineering studies while you stay in a densely populated slum that comes with its very own percentage of distractions. His degree course had set another challenge for him. till 10th standard, Hirve had studied all topics in Marathi. And he becomes suddenly uncovered to complicated engineering phrases and definitions in English.


Problems Could Not Stop Hirve To Achieve Excellence 


Hirve’s huge plans for life would not come so effortlessly for him. In 2014, when he got his degree, Hirve connected for a desired place in the Union Public Service Commission. He faced a failure there.

This disappointment influenced him to move his arrangement to the esteemed ISRO in 2016. His application did not go past the holding up list. Be that as it may, his objective was to make it to ISRO, so in May, he applied once more.

This time, out of the aggregate 16,000 candidates, nine got chose. In fact, Hirve was first of them.


Until the point that he landed a position in ISRO, a large number of his friends and family were uninformed of the association. His mom Indu told Early afternoon, ” I didn’t comprehend what this activity implied.” At the point when I came to know that our child would work with such a tip-top association, I was in tears. I recollected all the diligent work he had put in since youth this is the thing that he had needed to accomplish. I am exceptionally glad for my child. His diligent work has paid off.”

Hirve will be an electrical researcher at ISRO, the primary ever enlist from Mumbai. He will be posted in Chandigarh. He is positively a motivation for diligent work, assurance and uncompromised endeavors towards your objectives.

Hirve again proved that if you determine towards your goal then nothing is impossible.

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