Do You Play Poker Online? Now You Can Earn Cashback On PokerBaazi


If you believe in luck, there are many games which are luck changing. Yes, they can change your luck instantly. One of that kind of game is poker; only a few cards and your life can change. Some people find it as gambling but it all depends on our perception towards it. Whether you take it as a simple game, gambling or an obsession

We even play cards with our family members, friends, and relatives for fun and entertainment. Poker is one of the card game, which excites most of us. Now as technologies are growing faster and things are going digital, even this game you can play online.

The best platform to play is Pokerbaazi. PokerBaazi has quickly grown to become one of the leading names in the Indian Poker industry where amateur and experienced people can try their luck. Players can play various variations of poker, join tournaments and make some real money. PokerBaazi is known for its promotional activities and bonus giveaways. However, to further sweeten the pot, CashKaro is offering amazing Cashback to all those who join PokerBaazi via CashKaro.  Let’s see how you can earn Cashback on PokerBaazi!


How To Earn Cashback on PokerBaazi


Want to earn cash back? Just follow these simple steps to earn Cashback on PokerBaazi.


Step 1 – Register/ Login To CashKaro


Step 2 – Search For PokerBaazi


Step 3 – Find a deal you like and click on “SEE COUPONS WITH CASHBACK”


Step 4 – Copy Coupon Code and Visit Retailer


Step 5 – Join and deposit money on PokerBaazi


How To Redeem Your Cashback

Pokerbaazi MoneyMaker

Now that you’ve earned the Cashback, you probably want to use it or transfer it to your bank. You can do just that in these simple steps.


Step 1 – Login to CashKaro


Step – 2 Click On My Earnings


Step 3 – Click On Request Cashback Payment




Step 5 – Select Payment Method and Enter Bank Details



Step 6 (optional) – You can also donate your Cashback

So what are waiting for? Try your luck and start playing pokerbaazi through cashkaro.

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