These People Shows How Important To Vote Is By Their Extraordinary Ways

India Vote Karvia

All the seven phases of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are over and it is only the matter of a couple of days when results will be declared. As per the Exit Polls, chances are very high that India will see that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will remain ou Prime Minister. It is a recording voting took place in 2019. As per the reports, 67.11% of the voting took place in 2019, the highest in the 67-year history of the Lok Sabha elections. In this year Lok Sabha Elections 2019, few people shows how important to vote is by their extraordinary ways. Check them out


We are sure this will inspire and motivate many and tell us how important to vote is. But do you know, there are around 7 crores migrant Indians won’t be able to cast the vote at Elections 2019. We all should understand the importance of the vote. If you have not voted for any of your unrealistic reasons, then honestly you have no right to blame any government except yourself. Every vote was important and we are sure India is in very good hands.

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Praneet Samaiya
the authorPraneet Samaiya