Operation Karaoke: 36 Bollywood Stars Caught In Sting Operation; While Few Successfully Passed

Cobrapost Operation Karaoke

31. Rahul Bhat


32. Rakhi Sawant


33. Puneet Issar


34. Pankaj Dheer and his son Nikitin Dheer


35. Surendra Pal


36. Hiten Tejwani

During Operation Karaoke, Four Bollywood and TV actress refused to sell their soul for money and they are getting appreciated all over. Saumya Tandon refused to do any campaigns for any political parties. She told that

“I don’t want to have an affiliation with any political party for personal gain, because it is against my principles. You will find actors who do anything you want for money. But l do campaign only when I genuinely believe in it.”

Raza Murad also refused to be the part of this dirty game and told he don’t have a twitter account and neither he wants to open. When talked to Arshad Warsi manager, he told that Arshad sir will not be able to do any political campaign and Arshad always keeps himself away from political campaigns. Vidya Balan also refused to do any political campaigns for money.

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Anushka Jain
the authorAnushka Jain