One Mistake Made This Man Lose Billions Of Dollars, Else He Would Be Richer Than Ambani

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Ever since the childhood we as kids are always taught to make our life choices and decisions wisely so that we don’t regret anything later. But today we are going to introduce to a man whose one decision changed the whole history. This man could easily make his name on the list of top 10 richest people in the world but one mistake and today nobody knows his name. Meet this man named Ronald Wayne.

Silly Mistake

Ronald Wayne is the third founder of Apple the leading mobile company but not everyone knows about him. In the Initial days of Apple, he sold 10% shares for 800 dollars, which sums up to 52 thousand rupees. What is surprising is that if he hadn’t sold those shares of Apple he could be Richer than the Richest man in India Mr. Ambani. Today Apple’s 10% shares are worth rupees 5 lakh crore which is much higher than the total property of Ambani.


Ronald’s Efforts Built Apple Company

Silly Mistake

– On first of April Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne started Apple.

– Ronald Wayne was the most experienced and aged person among the three of them. He was 42 years old when Apple was started.

-Ronald Wayne was the one who created the famous logo of Apple, he also created the first partnership agreement with the firm.

– While Steve Jobs and Wozniak were working on the production, Ronald Wayne was working on Organising a good company that is Apple.

– But while all this, Ronald Wayne out of nowhere sold 10% shares of the company for a less amount when Apple was not a great name in the market.

– Ronald Wayne left Apple after some years. He says that it was his own decision to do so.

– Although one of the biggest reason for it is Steve Jobs too, as he was stubborn and hard to work with.

– Ronald says that leaving the company in initial years was a good decision, the was earning up to 15 lakh rupees back then.

– However, he was called by the other two founders several times to rejoin the firm but Ronald refused to go back.

It Was a Wrong Decision to Leave Apple. As the time passed by Apple became the biggest company in the world with the largest users base. Today Apple stands at 850 billion dollars which amount up to 55lakh crore.

Had Ronald not sold that 10 % of shares of Apple, he could be the owner of 85 billion dollars which is much more than that of the richest person in India Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

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