Ola Scheduled This Guy’s Trip From Bengaluru To North Korea For Rs 1.49 Lakh


We all wish to take international trips and always look forward to chances through which we can go abroad. But, there are many challenges to the process of it. Thie first one is the commute. What if the local cab services like Ola and Uber could drive you all the way there. Yes, we know it’s not possible but it came true for Rohit Menda. Recently, he shared the screenshot of images on his Twitter account of his scheduled ride from Bangalore to North Korea booked through Ola! From Bengaluru to all the way to North Korea, yes.

And they showed a bill of Rs. 1.49 Lakh to him.

Rohit Menda

The Booking From Bengaluru To North Korea Was Accepted!

Ola booking to North Korea

We can’t think of how that happened.

Also, Ola Even Shared The Driver Details

Ola books trip to North Korea

Yes, the complete fare details and the driver’s name and car number as well.

However, Ola Support was quick to respond to Rohit’s tweet and said that this was just a technical glitch.

Whatever it was, Imagine going abroad with your cab driver with a bill of Rs. 1.49 Lakh. After this other people also started trying this on their phones. But the issue was still not resolved in some phones because they were able to book the ride to North Korea or any other foreign place.

Currently, Ola and Uber’s drivers are on an indefinite strike and hence the services are affected in some parts of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. They are demanding their promised salary of Rs 1.5 Lakh per month and also shutting down of company-owned cabs. They also want low-fares bookings to stop. Such mistakes keep happening on social media sites. Last year, Ola played an Aprl fool prank and charged customer Rs 149 crore for the trip he did not take. Check out here.