North Korea Unites With South Korea, Shifts Time By 30 Minutes On Their Watch

North Korea unites with south korea via

North Korea and South Korea, both are working their way towards making peace and friendship with each other. One of this attempt was when North Korea announced that they will be shifting their time zones by 30 minutes in order to match South Korea, effective from 5th May. In a meeting which happened on 27th of April North Korea’s King Jong Un and South Korea’s president Moon Je In, for the first time took this matter in hands when they decided to bring peace between two countries. Both met at the Demilitarized Zone on the border where they shook hands for about 28 seconds and then talked about all the other issues going on for 65 years now.


A Historic Decision

North Korea unites with South Korea

Back in 2015, both the countries changed their time zones where North Korea changed it’s time 30 minutes less than South Korea. North Korea was under the rule of Japan in 1945. According to North Korea, this is a matter of Nationality. This is because both countries shared the same time zones before the amendment. But now after the Peace, Meet Kim Jong Un promised South Korea that they will match their time zones with them.

North Korea & South Korea

According to KCNA, King Jong arrived at the border and saw two watches showing different times of both the countries. So, he felt bad and then he thought that he will match the time zones. This step is taken in order to maintain peace and friendship between both of them. South Korea’s government also accepted this proposal and decided to do accordingly on 5th of May. A representative of South Korean president Yun Young Chan also appreciated this decision. He says that this significant step will bring new changes in the relations.


65 Years of Distance Covered in 28 Seconds

North Korea Unites

This meeting between South Korea and North Korea was much awaited by the whole world. Also, around 300 reporters reached to cover the complete meeting. China and India also share the same time zones in order to maintain a healthy relationship in their western regions. In these countries, the sunset time is 2 hours late than that of Beijing. It is after 65 years that a North Korean president reached South Korea with peace. It is to be noted that both the countries separated in 1953 after the Korean War.

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