Remember Neetu Shutternwala, Man Who Got 5 Votes, Became A Star Now

Neetu Shutternwala Politicianvia

Remember Neetu Shutternwala? A politician from Jalandhar who got only 5 votes in recent Elections 2019. He cried in front of the camera saying that he has a family of 9 and still received only 5 votes. He told that he will never stand again for elections. Later he got 856 votes.

Failing in Lok Sabha elections 2019, turned his fortunes. Yes, Believe it or not, he became a star now. He became popular in Punjab and people have started supporting him. He is also getting calls from various countries like Canada, Australia, USA and from all over India. Even people are giving him funds to again stand in the election in Punjab for the year 2022.

Neetu Shuttern wala Politician

He has come up with his music video and people are liking it. The way he cried in front of the camera proved his innocence and that is what made him viral in Jalandhar, Punjab and in various parts of India. He also got to meet The Great Khali. He has also done the inauguration in Ludhiana of a showroom. Watch his song here.

The kind of support Neetu Shutternwala is getting from the people, definitely, there are chances that he could win the MLA seat. We wish Neetu Shutternwala, all the best for his future endeavors.

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