Punjab Politician Cried After Getting Only 5 Votes While Having 9 Family Members

Punjab Politician Neetu Shuttern walavia

Today the results of Elections 2019 is out. India has again elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this time with more huge numbers than 2014. This result was almost confirmed as per the Exit Polls, today even results confirmed it. Entire people of India is happy with this result. There is one man from Punjab who is unhappy with his verdict and even after reading this, you will also feel bad about him. This man is Punjab Politician Neetu Shutternwala.

Neetu Shutternwala from Jalandhar stood for elections independently. When he got to know he received only 5 votes, he started crying. He said this is really sad for me as I have a family of 9 voters. Still, I have not got even 9 votes.

Neetu has confirmed that he will never ever stand for next elections. Even his family members didn’t vote for him is what made him sad more. However, he told that there might be some issues with EVM machines as he did not get even 9 votes.

Check out the video below:

One has to feel pity for this Punjab Politician, but it is really hilarious. However, as the day progress, his vote count reached to 856 votes.

Congratulations to BJP and Narendra Modi Ji for again getting elected as a Prime Minister.

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