What Do You Need To Get Started As A Transcriptionist?


In order to become a transcriptionist, there are certain things that you require.  There are a lot of freelance assignments that are available in the industry for a transcriptionist, however; it becomes difficult for you to cope with all these tasks if you do not fulfill the basic minimum requirement as expected by the industry.

In this article, we have listed down all those important things that every transcriptionist must require as part of the essentials. You can learn more about all those things that you would certainly require in order to establish yourself as a transcriptionist in the freelance industry and become successful.


A Computer With Good Configuration

The first and the foremost requirement that every transcriptionist must fulfill in order to establish themselves in the freelance industry is to have a proper computer at their workplace. Although you do not have to invest in a supercomputer with a high-end configuration, it is important to have a decent computer that is quite a speed and performs well.




Along with the computer, it is also mandatory that you have an external keyboard especially if you are using a laptop to work on your transcription services. Laptops can become really difficult to handle at a point in time because there are a lot of other things that are required for you to work on the transcription documents. Hence, investing in a good desktop computer would be a great choice with an external keyboard.


Headsets With Good Performance

When you’re working on transcription services, it is important that you have a headset with a brilliant performance. This is one of the significant tools that are required for all the transcriptionists.

The client would be dictating the files, or when you have the audio file put up from the client’s end, you must make sure that you listen to each and every syllable without any mistakes in order to come up with an error-free transcription.

These things to happen seamlessly and flawlessly, it is mandatory to invest in a high-end headset which can eliminate noise and filter out the only things that are required for you at work.


Foot Pedal


You must also invest in a good foot pedal which is also called as WAV pedal. The need for the foot pedal becomes extremely important if you are into the medical transcription sector. This is one of those important tools that would help you to control the dictation playback using your toes.

Some of the main functionalities of the features that a foot pedal comes with his play, rewind, and fast forward. All these features can be accessed using your toes by tapping on the different sections of the pedal.


Comfortable Chair

Unless and until you invest in a comfortable chair, you would never be able to become a good transcriptionist. When you’re working on long assignments, it is mandatory that you sit at peace comfortably else, you might start developing a lot of diseases and disorders.

A lot of people would end up facing ergonomic issues because of improper chairs. Since the transcription industry revolves around hours of sitting in the same position to complete the assignment, it is mandatory that you spend time in identifying the right chair. It would also be fine to invest a little higher but never compromise on the quality of the chair as it has a direct impact on your overall health.

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