Nagpur Will Likely Be In The Safe Zone Post Second Wave Of COVID-19

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Nagpur district in Maharashtra suffered excessively during the phase of COVID-19 in April with 2 Lakhs of cases with more than 2,000 deaths. As per the data, there is a decline in new COVID cases in the last 10 days. On 16th May, the total number of confirmed cases was 478,784. The number is near 10% of the entire district’s estimated current population. However, this recent analysis assures that Nagpur will be one of the safest zones after the second wave of coronavirus.


The Second Wave Raised Havoc In Maharashtra

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Maharashtra is one of the states where corona has inflicted the highest amount of damage. According to health experts, the second wave has introduced a considerably high fatality rate in Maharashtra. Many medical practitioners have said such a recurrent pattern of rising in infections is common in coronavirus. With the extended lockdown guidelines, people need to pay attention to face masks and social distancing norms. The daily rise in cases of Coronavirus is creating between the people.


One-Third Of People Have Developed Antibodies

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According to the state government’s vaccination data, 1,179,065 residents of Nagpur district have received at least one dose of vaccine till May 14. This covers 23% of the district population of 49 lakhs. Near 33% have developed antibodies against COVID-19 through vaccination or after contracting the disease.


Nagpur Will Be One Of The Safest Zones

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At this rate, Nagpur district is to be one of the safest zones in Central India after the second wave of Coronavirus, even the predicted third wave hits. Experts are sure that Nagpur is protected from here on. No further excess damage is to be faced by Nagpur.


Other Districts With High Number Of Covid Cases

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Nagpur is among the top five districts in India, where near 10% of the population is tested positive for COVID-19. In Nagpur, 9.92% population had tested positive. Gurugram (9.92%) surpasses Nagpur with some decimal points. Pune (9.63%), Bengaluru (9.47%), and Bemetara in Chhattisgarh (9%). This data is based on reported cases only. Many cases are not even registered as most people are still afraid to notify health care persons. Many positive cases are not even tested as people are treating themselves at home.


Fight Against Coronavirus

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According to the officials, approximately 50% of the population of Nagpur will develop immunity against COVID-19 by the end of May. Specialists explained this as a well-identified phenomenon. Nagpur shows a huge number of cases of coronavirus in the first wave, as they developed antibodies. In the second wave, Nagpur is fairly protected against the ongoing wave.


Mumbai Went Through Similar Conditions

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Dr. Shinde gave the example of Mumbai, especially Dharavi, where Maharashtra witnessed the majority of cases in the first wave. In the second wave, Dharavi shows fewer cases as they developed antibodies in the first wave of COVID-19.

Although Maharashtra imposes lockdown and the restrictions will remain the same, Government is trying its best to bring the number of cases under control. The vaccination drive is going on to get this epidemic to an end. Experts said that even Nagpur would remain safe, but cases and death might be reported if not covered fully by vaccination.

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