Bollywood Actress Nagma Supported Pakistani Journalists; Gets Trolled On Twitter

Nagma Support Pakistani Journalistsvia

Bollywood actress and politician Nagma gets trolled on Twitter for supporting Pakistani journalists Tarik Peerzada and Mona Alam. The whole world is suffering from coronavirus pandemic, but Pakistan is still busy in its terrorist activities. Pakistan is using a Hindu temple as a toilet for tourists. Every now and then, Pakistan violates ceasefire and perform several terrorist activities near borders.

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There are many debate shows happen in several news channels in which they also invite Pakistani journalists to talk on various topics. A couple of days back, a Pakistani journalist Tarik Peerzada came in a debate show called Seedha Sawaal by Rubika Liyaquat in ABP News and abused India. Rubika Liyaquat responded to him brilliantly by saying India is sending medicines to the world to fight against COVID-19 and your country is sending terrorists. We all know which country is bad.

Nagma Support Pakistani Journalists

Yesterday, this Tarik Peerzada came in a debate show Halla Bol in Aaj Tak which was hosted by Anjana Om Kashyap. Sambit Patra, a BJP spokesperson was also in the debate and he brilliantly took the class of Pakistani Journalists Mona Alam and Tarik Peerzada in the debate. Check out the video below.

But Indian politician and Bollywood actress Nagma who did movies like Suhaag, Lal Baadshah, Kunwara, Ek Rishta, did not like the language used by Sambit Patra.

Nagma Support Pakistani Journalists

Nagma wrote on twitter,

I can’t beleive the language what the #bjp spokesperson is using on @aajtak for a Pakistani person Tariq Peerzada and @AnjanaOmModiAT isallowinv him and also continuously speaking over the female journalists from pak why invite them if you are hell bent on insulting them

Sambit Patra befitting reply to Nagma was bang on.

Nagma Support Pakistani Journalists

He tweeted,

Respected @nagma_morarji ji ..why weren’t you offended when your brother Tariq Pirjyada said that He will slain more Indian Army Officers. I have and will always continue to expose the hypocrisy of Pak Panelists. Yes He is “Pir” kam “jihadi” jyada. #NagmaStandsWithPakistan

Nagma support to Pakistani journalists is not liked by many and people have started trolling her.

The people in Pakistan are not getting proper treatment from coronavirus. Instead of fighting coronavirus, Pakistan is busy spreading hatred and terrorists. What do you guys think? Who is right here Nagma or Sambit Patra? Let us know in the comments below.

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